A Sorrento question!

Hi Girls,

I hope you can help.

After changing my ideas a couple of times we are now looking into Sorrento as a place to get married. It looks stunning and seems to have everything we want.

I have found a restaurant that looks lovely but struggling with somewhere for drinks and dancing later on about 9pm ish.

I really liked the look of the Foreigners Bar but someone posted on a website (can't remember the name) to say that it was full of English people over 50 trying to forget they're in Italy. That's really put me off - has anyone been and is that really the case?!

Or can you think of any other venues for a group of about 40 with a mix of ages (but no children).



  • ElSebukElSebuk Posts: 842
    Hiya - we are getting married in Sorrento next May, and have been over a couple of times to look at places.

    The Foreigners Club has got stunning views from their terrace, but I know that you don't get exclusive use & I read one post from someone who was there on holiday last year and there were 5 brides on the dancefloor at once!!

    Another option would be Photo - it is quite a modern bar so not great if you want typical Italian, but it is smaller and they have music & dancing etc. I have just googled it and the website is www.photosorrento.com
  • vljones81vljones81 Posts: 225

    I am getting married in Sorrento in April 2010. i have deicded to have my meal at Photo (the restaurant that ElRice2b has mentioned above). I believe they has a resident DJ for dancing at night - and they has a cocktail menu too.

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