olympic weddings anyone??

Hi brides to be

finally got the olympic wedding brochure 2010. Has anyone booked their wedding/holiday pacakge with this company??



  • Smiffy2010Smiffy2010 Posts: 433
    Hi there.

    I've booked my wedding with Olympic weddings and our honeymoon through them 2. Fanoulla the head wedding lady is very helpful. So far everything is running smoothly, early days tho, getting married June 2010.

    We have booked the Athena Beach Hotel - wedding and reception meal afterwards, party on our return to UK.

    Where are you thinking of?

  • loulou16ukloulou16uk Posts: 335
    have a list of the athena , amathus beach paphos, alymra and elsium but undecided as yet. planning to stay in the same hotel as wedding for 2 weeks
  • debz29debz29 Posts: 11
    Hi ,, Olympic are fab, im getting married on 09/09/09 in Protaras at the Ayios Elias gardens and wedding rec at serena bay restaurant.. Staying at the Vrissiana Hotel.

    The olympic girls are great we went out in april and met up with them and had everthing arranged in 4 days , all done nothing to do now but wait the 8 weeks till we go...

    Best wishes and i would def recomend them.

  • Smiffy2010Smiffy2010 Posts: 433
    Thats good to hear debzlou!!!

    Good luck with your wedding!!!
  • loulou16ukloulou16uk Posts: 335
    gud to hear!! where did your find info on local restaurants??? or how did you's come to that decision, on gardens, restaurant etc?? i had just thought it would be handier to have everything in the hotel. but not im not sure?
  • debz29debz29 Posts: 11
    Hi loulou

    We wanted something a bit different to be honest, Had heard of the little sirena bay restaurant last year, its out of town on a secluded bay just like mamma mia.. lol .. its so beautiful but not for everyone,

    if you check aphrodite wedding services web site , there the ones olympic use to decorate the venues it will show you the gardens and sirena bay...
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