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Dominican Republic 2011

I am planning to get married in 2011. I cannot however book anything until 2010 when the new brochre come out. Now I am the only one that I know getting married abroad and I need some help!! I love photos and want like 12 books full!! (well not quite but you get what I mean) in the packages though you only get like 24 photos so should i source my own photographer out there or pay the photographer to take extras? And will they put the photos onto a disk for me so I can get the books bound back home from a good photographer? Also my wedding cake and flowers - what if they mess them up? Should I source myself or leave in the hands of the wedding co-ordinater that the travel agents give you in the package? If any one has got married out here could you please let me know which hotel you used and if you sourced outwith the hotel? I am going to plan a holiday there next year with my fiance and look at florists etc but I need your help!!

Thanks P. xx

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  • kelly162bkelly162b Posts: 1,793
    wait until you get to the hotel,their photographer will do you a deal,what hotel are you going to??
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