Cyprus Atlantida quote *with pics*

Hi again ladies,

So things are looking a little more promising since my last post, the planner has sent me back a quote for the Atlantida beach side restaurant, it is 3,500 euros for a beach side wedding in thier gazebo, followed by a bbq for 20 people, a dj, hair and make up, a bouquet for myself and 2 bridesmaids, button holes for 4 men and a photographer who will provide us with all the images on a cd so we can produce our own album. There would be 2 flower arrnagements for the ceremony but only table confettii for the meal... still seems rather costly to me, I don't think it would be exclusive use of the restaurant and there is no transport included, plus we would still need accommodation and flights.

What do you reckon ladies, is this reasonable and am I just a cheapskate?!

Haha, would love to know who all of you cyprus ladies have booked through. So far the above quote is from Cyprus Dream Weddings - who I must add have been fantastic at getting back to me and being generally very informative so far. I'm waiting to hear form Aisle of Love and have sought a private qote directly from our dream hotel... anyother suggestions?

Thanks ladies,

Stacey x

ps. they emailed me pic's of the Atlantida if anyone wants to see them x

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  • luluduncanluluduncan Posts: 34
    Yes please MrsHyland2B! Pictures would be great to see! x
  • Zaffron is brilliant for food and lovely location for private reception. Um let me look at my costs to give you idea of ours:....

    Registrar Fees £424

    Stella Fee £175

    Cake £55

    Flowers £280

    Photos £1,050 36 photos (inc 2 enlargements) sunset & disc

    Photos (stella) £260

    Transport £193 Jack's taxi's - air con bus & car

    Hair £120 85 hair and 35 trial

    Make Up £115 85 make up and 30 trial

    Nails £15

    Meal £1,200 20 people (60 euros per head)

  • Sorry mis-type, Stella fee is 375
  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845

    here you go hun, a couple more to come but none of the inside of the restaurant.... x
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    and last of all...

  • luluduncanluluduncan Posts: 34
    OMG!! Those pictures are beautiful! x x
  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    Thanks for that Helenamanda, the quotes are pretty simmilar when you add it all up but you get a 6 course meal and more flowers so possibly a better deal all in all, would you post some pics of Zaffrons if you have some? I'm open to any suggestions at this point! x
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    Hehe Luluduncan, they do look lush don't they?! the only problems I have are that it looks really really close to the public beach and as we're going in mid summer I would imagine it will be packed, the guests also seem to to standing around the gazebo for the ceremony which makes me wonder how noisy it is if they can't hear. I'd also love to see more pic's of inside of the actual resturant! I'm so sodding hard to please aren't I?! x
  • luluduncanluluduncan Posts: 34
    Good thinking! I'd think in the height of summer it would be rather noisy, not too sure i'd like to see half naked people in the background, i'd never be able to keep a straight face, my H2B is loving the sound of this! men..................

    Do you have any other options? I just can't make my mind up at all. Elysium is calling me but it's sooo pricey. Don't know what to do....xx

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    I'm also getting married at the Atlantida, it does look fab

    If you do a trawl on here find the Atlantida thread and there are some more pics on there although I have to say they don't do it justice

    Yes it is near a public beach but my wedding co-ordinator assures me that its away from it slightly and not in your face

    There are also now a few girls who have been married there and say its fab although we are still waiting for reports and pics (neither of them have been back long)

    I've got approx 45/50 guests coming out and with everything including our flights and a luxury villa for 3 weeks its costing us approx £6000. Thats for flowers, photographer, cars, coach for guests, centrepieces, favours etc etc..........

    Hope it helps

    Shell x

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