Table decorations for weddings abroad

Hi Ladies,

Maybe this is a really stupid question but I was wondering what everone's doing about tables centre pieces, decoration etc at the reception?

Coming up with some ideas but then realise I have to get it there!!

Don't want to spend a fortune on flowers so am looking for alternatives


  • Shell19ukShell19uk Posts: 676

    I have bought all my table decorations over here and have had them couriered over amongst with other things like favours, gifts etc etc and to be honest its not cost that much. I sent a big box weighing 20kgs over to Cyprus which cost me £70 which was insured and tracked

    That way I was able to pick my own centrepieces - I've gone for vases which will be filled with sand & rose petal and large church candles with dried roses set into them.

    Its certainly took off the stress of someone else picking items for me over in Cyprus and also me getting the items I wanted over there

    Hope it helps

    Shell x
  • MrsHardingtobeMrsHardingtobe Posts: 2,111
    that's a great idea!! Did you just wrap everything in a ton of bubblewrap? x
    also you may find compnaies in the area you are marrying that specilise in wedding reception decorating.
  • Shell19ukShell19uk Posts: 676

    Yes just made sure everything breakable was really well wrapped and packed non breakables around them

    I knew exactly what I wanted for my tables so wanted to source them myself and take them with me, just found this a better option

    Shell x

    Ps - I used parcelforce but there were cheaper ones out there but like I said mine was insured and we could track it so worth the money

  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Yeah I'm doing the same as Shell and using a courier service. I found this one used by another b2b on here which seems very reasonable:
  • MrsHardingtobeMrsHardingtobe Posts: 2,111
    thanks for the tips ladies - will definitely be doing this!!
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