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Hi everyone

Am having a really bad time at the moment, my father is really not very well, its a long story, but he has had prostate cancer for about 3 years and it now looks like there is a possibility it has spread. Anyway, we are due to get married in Santorini on 6th May this year, but he has recently been really unwell and uncomfortable and has told my mother that he doesn't think he will be able to come if he still feels like this. My h2b and family have all known fot a while, but have kept me in the dark as they knew how i would react.

There is no way I could go and leave him behind, and my h2b totally agress, but I can't help feeling gutted and cheated out of my wedding, but that makes me feel so so selfish. he has a bone scan booked for 4th april, which they are trying to move forward. If it is good news, hopefully they can sort him out with medication for his aches and pains and can come, but if not obviously the wedding is off. The only thing is, I don't know whether to just go ahead and cancel everything now? Financially, it would be better to do it now, but I feel like I shouldn't even be thinking about money, when my dad is unwell. We have just sent off all our documents to be translated and legalised, this goes up at beginning of april with the FCO, so I just don't know what to do. Feel like I sound like such a selfish cow, but imagine if he is ok and we have cancelled everything for nothing?

Also, have kind of fallen out with my bridesmaid which is stressing me out as don't feel like I can tell how how I am really feeling cos she has paid out to come to the wedding, but if i leave it til after (if it does happen), it will look like I have only done it cos of the wedding....HELP!

Lottie xx


  • Anguk1Anguk1 Posts: 78
    Hi Lottie

    I hope your father gets better soon. your h2b sounds a great person you will need his support at this time of your life. i wish you all the best AngX
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