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help me greek brides!!

hi, i was just wondering how much i need to save for all my legal costs? also i'm unsure of what needs sorting before we go?

i know we have to have a certificate of no impediment to prove we've not been married before. do we need things translating before we go?

i'm confused! :\? :\? :\? :\?


  • mundimundi Posts: 84

    to get documents legalised is £19 per doucument to include passport( which has to be a certified copy) certificate of no impediment, birth certificate, then all documents need to be translated into greek which is £30 per document, then all sent to the greek embassy which is another £14 per document.. these are prices i was given by Thomas cook wedding department last month, they also sent me a leaflet which gave details of a greek lady who would do everything for you for a fee of £90 thats way everything would be done correct. The certificate of no impediment cant be done till 12 weeks before the wedding but at the same time everything has to be at the greek embassy..

    I hope this helps, let me know if you require the phone number of the translator

    Amanda x
  • mummyk100mummyk100 Posts: 35
    Hi I think its gone up to 27 pound per document-I got a letter this week from Manos.
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Oh God, I hope it hasn't gone up as all our documents have already gone to our translator. We found a lovely lady who can do all the work for us. We sent her about £450. This includes legalisation, translation and verification. H2B telephoned the Greek Consulate who gave him this ladies name. We have had to pay an extra £90 for her courier to take and pick up docs. We sent her a cheque for the translation and courier and then a postal order for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Greek Consulate. We sent her (2 original birth certs and 2 certificates of No Impediment) last Friday and hoping to get them back by the middle of next week.

    We then need to send all these documents (photocopies) to Sovereign, when we get them back. Originals then need to be taken with us to Greece.

    Up until last week I was sooooo stressed about the paperwork side but now that they've gone I feel a lot better and the lady has sent us an e-mail confirming receipt and that everything is in order.

    If you need her details, let me know.

    Good Luck

    Claire x

    Thought £90 was a bargain for her courier service as it would have cost us alot more to go down to London personally (we live in North Wales).
  • mrstipton2Bmrstipton2B Posts: 177
    Yeah our travel agent rung on Tues and said its gone up to £27 per document too! Im very confused with the paperwork so i wont even attempt to try and answer your questions! Im just hoping my H2B understands..LOL!

    Claire....If you have that address of the lady then that might help put my mind at rest!


  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Oh god i am really worried now image ..not even budgeted all the costs in stupid me !!

    H2b wont know either i am sure ...ahhhh thank god i have a year to go still !
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Hi Claire, the lady's name is Androulla Veliotou and she's an approved greek consulate translator and she's also a member of the chartered institute of linguists. Her e-mail address is [email protected] and her telephone number is 020 8 337 6093.

    I hope this helps and good luck. Everything will be fine and try not to panic.


  • Hi, where abouts in Greece are you all getting married. I am getting married in Corfu, and I don't need to get copies of passport legalised etc. Only Birth certificates and cert of no impediment. Claire_B
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Hi Claire, we're getting married in Santorini on 24th May so not long now. How about you? Just come back from Chester - getting a few bits (perfume for the day, suntan oil etc).

    Have you been to Corfu before? If not, what made you decide?


  • mrstipton2Bmrstipton2B Posts: 177
    There are sooo many Claire's its hard to know whose talking to who!! But anyway im getting married in Rhodes on 23rd July - yay!!

    Thanks for the lady's address, Claire!

    Been to Santorini and Corfu and loved them both! I just love the food....LOL!


  • becktorrbecktorr Posts: 711
    i'm confused now, getting married in rhodes. anybody know if we need papers legalising?
  • Hi, I go to Corfu every year and its where I met H2B, and we got engaged there. Claire is a popular name. Claire_B x
  • atracie1atracie1 Posts: 99
    Hi Mrs Gasgoigne2b

    Im Rhodes need both passports, both birth cert and both certificates of no impediment legalising, which costs 19 pounds per doc (my pound sign isnt working!!). We are doing it with Airtours, in resort they organise getting all the documents translated, which costs 200 euros. I think it depend who you are travelling with, or if you are organising it yourself as to how much it costs, but thats definatley how much we are paying!! I hope this helps you a bit......


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