Decree Abs Question?

Hi, We're marrying in May this year in Cyprus. H2b has been married before, has been divorced for nearly 5 years but i'm stressing over the decree abs!! We have a copy with the solicitors red stamp on it, is this enough?? Solicitor has said its all we can get but i'm having a nightmare thinking we're gonna get to Cyprus and they'll say it's not good enough!!!!

Anyone been in this situation?

Thanks in advance:\?


  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    I had to produce my decree abs for my registrar and it was just a piece of plain A4 printer paper with a red court stamp on it.I was really worried that it didn't look "official" enough but apparently that's all you get!! Good luck with all your plans. XXX
  • Thanks, that is my worry, it looks like something I could have typed up at home!? Good to hear its 'normal' then! thanks again :\)
  • Why don't you contact the Cypriot embassy. Have you had all of your other docs translated?
  • just to put your kind at ease that will be fine, i work in a solicitors and get that question aksed quite a lot.

    Karli :\)
  • Translated??? didn't think i had to?? oh no new stress topic!!! Thanks for putting my mind at rest regarding decree abs x x
  • As you said it does look like something you could have printed at home. I remember thinking is this all I get for all that stress and money. I could print something more official looking than this. Good luck in getting it all sorted.
  • To confirm, this is all H2B had and it was legalised and translated etc.
  • i didn't think docs need translating for Cyprus? Am i wrong? x:\?
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    Hi loxxy,

    I too am marrying in cyprus and was told you didnt need anything translating-its in greece i think you need translated docs-at least i hope so!!!!!
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