Marrying Abroard - How much was your insurance??

Hiya all

Marrying Aboard - How much was your insurance??

I was quoted about £50 but turns out abroad is going to cost me in excess of £100 - Has anyone found one cheaper? Or can recommend? I hear so many bad things abut the various wedding insurers and its so much money that recommendation is the way forward!

Any help is much appreciated fellow brides!!




  • awebsterukawebsteruk Posts: 368
    I am getting married abroad, there are only 4 of us going though so I chose not to bother with

    taking out seperate wedding insurance.

    I took out normal travel insurance and have decided to split all the wedding items between the

    4 suitcases we are taking.

    If it goes missing/damaged etc then the normal travel insurance will pick it up.

    If we were having a "big - DO" whilst away I would have probably looked into it a little more.

    But can't see the point for just 4 of us.

    Not sure this really helps you!!!

  • Thanks for you reply - Well there are 25ppl at the moment and possible few to add on. Im not sure what the differences are what you are covered with if you ask the question of the insurer you get bombarded with jargon...

    But I cant tell from all the leaflets the difference between that and the normal insurance you would have..for instance Ok wedding dress and photographers I can understand but things like cakes etc do not bother me as the cost was pence abroad!! HOWEVER your honeymoon luggage etc is not covered by the wedding insurance?? It all baffles me! But I cannot see whether there is cover for those travelling with me. You cant ask the company as all they want to do is sell sell sell! eeekkk!! And for a hundred odd quid not sure if he worth it
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    I got a quote from E and L insurers £45 for a wedding abroad.. there was various different levels but we just choose the basic one.

    You can have a look at what it includes exactly on the site, and see if it will be any good..

    ..just ANOTHER cost to add to the wedding - sigh!
  • LissysmommyLissysmommy Posts: 733
    We are getting our travel and wedding insurance in one from the AA two weeks in Cyprus plus insurance for our wedding is about £45. Whicj i thinks quite good. All our guests are getting their own normal travel insurance.

    kelly xx
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    We originally were quoted 45 quid but then it went up to over 100 with e&L ..

    Think we are not going to bother and will just be covered in the travel insurance ..

    Besides everyything we are taking is going to be insured seperatley including suits and dresses !..

    Plus the company we booked the wedding with has insurance too !
  • Hey!

    Just looked on my home insurance and I am insured for items abroad up to 2500 and a single article limit is £2500 too so if something happened to my dress I would be insured - if u lose your dress I wonder what wedding insurers do - do they ship you out something??? Or is it just a case of your money back and find something to wear whilst you are away?:\?
  • millsy2bmillsy2b Posts: 341
    sometimes i wonder if its all worth it cos if anything happens now god forbid when your away you normally dont get anything till you get home and claim,so dont think we would get a dress to be honest with you or even the money until we gor homw and what good is that we would have to buy one then give them receipt i think.
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