DJ costs Tuscany....54 days to go and need your help

Hi all,

First post on a forum, but desperately need your help.

I'm getting married in Poggibonsi, Tuscany in 54 days. I'm a very laid back bride 2 be, but think maybe I have been a bit too laid back....i've still got loads to do and recently started looking for a DJ.

Wedding planner has given me a contact, but it seems quite expensive to me. ???????700 for four hours...does anyone know if this is the going rate or am I being ripped off. I've spent three hours this morning looking on forums and websites but can't really see anything on DJs.

Also on a side note, I got a quote for flowers at ???????1700!! Not even having a big wedding, just 30 people in the villa's garden. Needless to say I haven't gone with them...still in the process of trying to work out what to do.

Any suggestions would be great. Happy to give any details out of my wedding and costs if any Italian brides to be need info


  • Hi sunnbunny

    I'm getting married in Tuscany around the same time as you and think the prices you have been quoted are on the expensive side. I found a DJ called Betty (see who will be sending one of her DJ's over for ???????570 and the DJ will play for an unlimited amount of time! She has been very helpful and arranged extra microphones for our speeches and a mirror ball so I would recommend getting in touch with her.

    The flowers for our wedding will probably be half the cost of yours but I was quite specific from the outset of my budget. Good luck and happy to help with any other questions you may have.
  • elisaishereelisaishere Posts: 137
    hi Sunnybunny

    I am getting married on 5th of September in Italy.

    I think that both prices for DJ and flowers are too high.

    For a DJ 500 euro should be the highest.

    what is the exact date and the place? I can ask my DJ if he knows someone there around.

    About the flowers, I dont know what you need but you should challenge it .. of course it depends on your requests.

    fyi I am paying 350 euro (+ taxes copyright music) for DJ and 400 euro price for flowers (bouquet, boutonniere, 1 decoration on table celebration, 2 decoration at our sides, decoration for the aisle) ... I am marrying in the South of Umbria.

  • Thanks Girls - really helpful info.

    Elisaishere - if you could ask your DJ for me, that would be great. I'm getting married on Sept 3rd in Casale di Villore (Poggibonsi)

    I'll drop Betty an email & also ask her.

    Flowers didn't even include my bouquet or ceremony table decorations (that's in the wedding package) It was for table decorations, aisle petals, two pedastals (think that's what they are called) and some candles for decoration. I emailed the wedding planner back, saying that that was far too expensive and my budget was ???????600 - so far she hasn't been able to organise anything...not sure if that's because she can't get the price or just hasn't looked into it yet!!

    How did you both find your florists, recommendations or just off the web.
  • elisaishereelisaishere Posts: 137
    hi Sunnybunny

    I will ask him, no problem...

    still I am a bit surprised your wedding planner cannot help you here... doesnt sound so helpful indeed...

    I am italian myself, still not living in Italy anymore but I still have contacts... I have also a wedding organizer though and she suggested the florist. I told her how much we want to spend and she give me a quote.

    anyway, I will try to find out about the Dj

    talk to you later

  • elisaishereelisaishere Posts: 137
    Hi Sunnybunny

    could you please contact me at [email protected] so I can give you more details?

    maybe I found someone


  • UmbriaUmbria Posts: 3

    Hi all, picked up on this thread and would be really interested in getting any contact details or recommendations you might have for DJs.

    Many thanks 

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