Hi is anyone getting married in florida?

I am getting married in leu gardens in orlando and i am booking it all seprately its working out a lot cheaper than doing it through the travel agents and i am getting what i want. I want to know if anyone else has arranged their wedding like this or through a travel agents and how did you find it?;\)


  • zoefukzoefuk Posts: 273
    Hi Rosapenny,

    Leu Gradens looks beautiful, so your doing it on your own how have you found it ?

    Have you got a lot planned already or are you in the early stages ?

    I'm not getting married until Sept 07 but i'm trying to get everything arranged by June so that i can have around 2 months just to chill and not worry about it.

    I'm not doing to bad, however my bridesmaid dresses are being more of a problem than i thought they would be. I'm having my two sisters as bridesmaids and one has dark hair and the other is blonde so its trying to find a colour that suits them both.

    What's your colour scheme are you going for?

    Zoe x
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    Hi Zoe,

    Well i am not getting married to July 08 but i started planning early so i can book all a year in advance and just not worry about it then. I actually saw Leu Gardens in a holiday brochure and i checked it out on the internet. I am booking it all seperate because when i was going through a travel agent i could only have 25 guests and there is about 30 people coming over for it..

    I am having 1 bridemaid and she is blonde, my main colour is champagne, my sister has chosen a dress from coast that ties in lovely with it. It is a black knee length strapless dress with a champagne band around the top and the bottom of the dress. I bought my dress from a great website http://www.thebridalworld.com/morilee/index.html its a shop in New York i bought Mori lee dress #2056 in pearl and champagne have a look. The dress worked out after customs £493. Not Bad.

    We are getting the grooms outfits from BHS cheap and they look pretty good.

    Roslyn x
  • claret25claret25 Posts: 98
    I'm getting married at Wyndham Orlando Resort in September 07.
  • zoefukzoefuk Posts: 273
    Hello Rosapenny,

    Your dress looks lovely, we still havent decided on colour for our bridesmaid yet or style of dress.

    Your very lucky to have so many going tpo the wedding, we thought that only our family would go and now we how 20 people coming.

    We dont have that much left to plan, i would like to have it all completed by June so i can have two months without doing anything.

    What have you got to complete next?

    Zoe x
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