Help with ''Doing it yourself'' Wedding in Italy

Hello all

I am new to this site after just finding it image

Anyhoo i was wondering if any Italy brides/2 be have sorted there wedding there self ,

The planners seam greedy or is it just Italy prices ? and soooo slooow in getting back to you i no they must be so busy and i'm not the only bride 2 be ,,but it's so exciting and i really don't no where to start

Any help in sorting it me self would be sooo graeteful

thank you ladies :\)


  • KC1506KC1506 Posts: 254

    Congratulations. Where abouts in Italy are you planning to marry?

    We're getting married in Sorrento next April. We have a wedding planner who's fantastic Silvia Schippa at [email protected]

    She always replies within 24 hours and her prices aren't too expensive. Wedding planners can also do as little or as much as you wish them to do.

    There are a few ladies on here that are arranging it themselves. I think for most things like booking the reception venue, cars etc it can all be done pretty easy.

    However I would advise that you have a wedding planner for the actual ceremony and the legal side of things. Its much better to have someone over there that speaks the language and can help organise the booking of the venue and registering it with the Town Hall etc.

    Hope this is of some help



    Hi KC

    Thanks for reply i agree with what your saying with paper work and ceremony and think i would like someone to organize that

    it's the make up flowers venues etc ...

    how do you go about finding your own do you just google things ??

    As for where to get married ! How do you people choose ? i'd get married at them all they all seam nice

    hopefuly looking at june 2010

    hhhmmmmm wil just keep looking ..........

    thing is i get so annoyed with all the sites

    Anyway thanks again will look at website you sugested
  • Hi there,

    Welcome! This site is great for picking up ideas and info and there are a few Italy threads depending on where you want to get married. Im getting married in Lake Garda next year and am doing as much as I can myself but using a planner for all the legal stuff as I dont feel confident enough to do that bit so its money well spent for peace of mind in my opinion! I have emailed reception venues and photographers directly and found them to be helpful. Once Id decided on the location I took a quick trip over there with H2b to have a look and found a reception venue and a few lovely hotels for guests,so it was well worth the trip over. Im using ItalianLakesweddings and have found them quick to respond to my queries and more than helpful. Hope this helps! xx:\)
    Hi Lemonsherbert

    Thanks for you info can i ask how do you find the people to be able to contact them ,, do you just google,, erm ,, ''photographers in italy'' or hairdressers and then contact them from there

    we are hoping to go over soon just waiting for our lil boy's passport to come
  • KC1506KC1506 Posts: 254
    It is difficult, but I saw our hotel and that was it for me, it went from there really.

    I think Italy is a beautiful country so anywhere you choose to marry I'm sure will be gorgeous.

    Yes google everything you'll find loads of options and there are threads on here for getting married in Italy, some have some great ideas

    Also Trip Advisor is good too if you find a hotel/venue etc they can tell you what its like first hand.

    Good luck and enjoy

  • Hiya,

    Yes,Google is a wonderful thing image Also,by reading a few of the Italy threads you should pick up lots of info and recommendations. I agree that Tripadvisor is good cos its written by people who have stayed there so you get good,honest opinions. I saw a hotel I liked the look of on there then googled them,emailed them direct and booked a weekend with them that way. is good too. Ive also found either saving stuff to favouries or making notes helps too cos you will be swimming in info and if youre anything like me likely to forget where you saw something image

    Good luck deciding xx
  • Hiya Koreysmum,

    I am getting married in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast next June you should check it, it is a slightly more intimate venue than Sorrento but the whole Amalfi Coast looks beautiful you are spoilt for choice.

    As for organising it I am doing the majority of myself. I have hired an Italian Interpreter for the service and she is also assisting me with the legalities and paperwork but she is much much cheaper than the wedding planner quotes I received (and she came well recommended)..

    I agree with Lemonsherbet that Trip Advisor is definitly a big help but I googled most things and found contacts for transport, flowers, hair and make up etc.

    If you need any help once you have decided where to have your special day then just shout image



  • Angie, if you dont mind me asking for the name and details for ur interpreter? We are looking at Positano just along the coast from Ravello, but need some names of Interpreters and help with the legal side. Im with you on organising it much more fun and saves money for extra bottles of champers!!! xxx

  • Hiya Fashinista1,

    If you give me your e-mail address I will send you our interpreters contact details.

    She came recommended to me from a lady on here who got married in Positano and she is so much cheaper than Wedding Planners but she seems so lovely.


  • ElSebukElSebuk Posts: 842
    Hiya - Angie I think we are using the same translator - Rosa? If so, we met her in March when we went over to Sorrento and she is really lovely - very helpful too!

    Good luck with your planning x
  • kerrl6kerrl6 Posts: 249
    Can second that! Rosa did my ceremony and she was so nice! Couldn't have been more helpful!
  • Hi, I'm new to this website and want to get married in Italy next year. Please could you let me know the email address for Rosa.

    Thanks claire x
  • Hi Girls, thanks for the advice, been intouch with Rosa, and she has been really helpful and sounds lovley! Kerrl6 did u use her for contact/sourcing venues, flowers, music etc or did u do it ur self?? Looking at getting married in Positano Town Hall, reception @ Le Terrazze (Well thats what im thinking, any sugestions welcome!)

    love k xx
  • Yes, some wedding planners are not cheap at all!

    But for all the legal matters we need one, the italian law is...not easy at all!

    As I already said, directly booking the musician for ceremony and party saves a lot of friend said that getting the music from an agency would have costed her more than three times the money she actually spent asking to [email protected]
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