Paphos 2010 Brides To Be!


I was just wondering how many other people are planning to get married in Paphos next year?

What date are you getting married and where?

How many bridesmaids are you having?

Colour scheme?

How many guests are you having?

Have you done this through a travel agent or a planner in Cyprus?

We are getting married on 1st September 2010 at Atlantida Beach, we decide on having the ceremony at 4pm as it will be a little bit cooler. We are having the reception at Atlantida Beach Restaurant. I'm having 2 bridesmaids, who are my best friends that I have known for several years.

Out colour scheme is lilac and ivory, as lilac is my favour colour.

We have wroughly about 15 guests coming (when some of then get round to booking!), mainly close family and friends.

We have used Ruth at Prestiage Paphos Weddings, she has been brilliant and very quick at replying since the minute I first enquired.

I cant wait for it to happen, shame I've got over a year to wait, but really need that about of time to save. The only think that is worrying me about this whole wedding is getting my dress there, we are flying with Cypria Air who are based in Cyprus. My dress is quite heavy and would sooner know wroughly what it would cost me to get it there than finding out when I get to the airport. I've tried emailing them but I'm not having any luck. I might ask Ruth if she knows of them or how I can contact them, but feel abit cheeky as it is separate to the wedding if you know what I mean.

I wish all 2010 brides the best of luck and keep in touch!

Wendy x


  • ecgoffecgoff Posts: 11
    Hi Wendy

    Im all booked to get married in the Athena Beach Paphos on the 2nd June 2010.

    We have approx 30 guests coming with most of them staying at the AB.......but a few have opted to stay elsewhere due to individual budgets etc.

    You sound sorted with receptions etc...we havn;t even got that far yet. Can't decide what to be honest not really sure whats availalbe as our wedding package thingy hasn't arrived yet. Ideally we are looking at the hotel but we will see.

    Any recommendations??
  • Smiffy2010Smiffy2010 Posts: 433
    Hi Wendy.

    Im getting married in Paphos in June 2010 at the Athena Beach Hotel.

    We have our son as page boy and our colour scheme is quite neutral. H2b is wearing silver/grey waistcoats. My dress is ivory and we will have nutral colours.

    We have everything booked - wedding, reception, honeymoon and a party back in the uk. I've booked with Olympic weddings through Thomas Cook as we have a friend that works there. Wedding and reception all within the hotel. All our flowers and cake are included in our package.

    So far everything has been good.

    There are 20 of us including 3 of us, everyone has booked into the same hotel which is great.

    I have worries over my dress as its fairly 'fluffy'! But sure it will be fine. Im checking the dimensions of hand luggage with our friend at thomas cook.

    Im looking on ebay for some basic shoes to jazz up with sequins all over, have seen it on here already.

    Want ot make my own cake toppers for a bit of character.

    What things have you done so far?
  • ecgoffecgoff Posts: 11
    Hi Smiffy2010

    How spooky....what day do you get married?????.

    You sound still waiting for the wedding package from First Choice......VERY SLOW!!!!!
  • Smiffy2010Smiffy2010 Posts: 433
    Hey ecshaw

    I keep replying to you on all the other chats, have you seen them? Paphos June 2010 is the chat.
  • Trixie01ukTrixie01uk Posts: 251
    Hiya ECShaw

    When we first started looking at receptions there were so many to to choose from it took us ages to decide, the options we had were beachside tavern/restaurant, yacht reception, harbourside tavern, hotel garden reception, hotel reception. We just got prices for the ones we liked the sound of, we really liked the idea of having reception at a harbourside taverna but as we wanted a beach wedding and the area where the ceremony is being held is own by the beach restaurant. So in order for us to have the ceremony there we had to have our reception at the beach restaurant.

    I hope this helps!

    Wendy x
  • 0710bride0710bride Posts: 792
    Hi Wendy,

    I'm also a Paphos 2010 bride :\) Getting married on the 2nd July at 3.30pm in Zucchini's gazebo & then having our reception in their restuarant. I'm having 3 bridesmaids & 1 flowergirl, colour scheme is coral (althought turned out more like a pink shade)! & silver. We have invited 40 guests but think that there will be around 30 coming (if they ever get around to booking)!

    We have booked 2 weeks at the Coral Beach Hotel with Olympic but are organising the wedding through Zucchini.

  • hayz_83hayz_83 Posts: 147

    we are getting married at the coral beach amphitheatre on june 17th 2010. approx 25 guests coming, two flowergirls in silver, two adult bridesmaids in bluey purple (think its eggplant) I am wearing diamond white. not booked reception yet but looking for somewhere near coral bay. so excited! x
  • Zaffron restaurant is near coral bay, well inbetween there and Paphos and is exclusive weddings only venue that is lovely and servevs excellent food
  • hi all,im getting married 17th may at coral beach hotel,,just booked it so got ball rolling at least,,im being very untraditional and have no bridesmaids or best man,have 20 to 30 people coming although i wont get confirmations until january latest,,id love to know for definate now but i may have people back out yet!im looking at zaffron for poss reception as maybe bit to costly at hotel..not sure!!i should start looking at dresses now really,scary!!x
  • Im a Paphos bride too!!!!! Im getting married at Yeroskipou Town Hall on 24th August 2010 at 5PM. We are staying at the Athena Beach Hotel for two weeks. Undecided about reception yet. Any ideas welcome????? We are hopefully a party of 25 with young children XX
  • kirkphilpykirkphilpy Posts: 94
    Hi im a Paphos bride!! Im getting married at the RIU Cypria resort at 3pm on 17th may 2010

    I have booked with Planet weddings and holidays

    No bridesmaids but colour scheme possibly thinking of bright flowers pinks, purples!! image

    Currently have 15 guests booked or booking so very intimate small wedding

  • loulou16ukloulou16uk Posts: 335
    Hi i am planning to be a 2010 bride.Still deciding where. Hah orginally thought paphos, possibly the Almyra or Elysium, but have since looked further up coast and now Grecian park protaras is looking a def fav! Planning to book through Olympic i think

  • Hello,

    Im a Paphos Bride too!!

    We are getting married at the Riu Cypria Bay on 28th May 2010, at 4pm.

    Im having 5 Bridesmaids & my 2 year old daughter as flowergirl, my colours are Gold & Ivory.

    Its all booked & 52 people have booked so far! (we both have large familys but never imagined this many would come!) There are still some people coming but are yet to book.

    We are getting married under the gazebos looking out to sea in the hotel grounds & then having a private reception on the hotel terrace.

    We have used a Travel Counsellors co-ordinator for the booking & details & she has also booked most of our guests but our wedding & our package has been booked through Planet Holidays.

    Very excited now!

    Vicky x
  • grecian bay on nissi bay is lovely,,only reason we didnt go for it was because we thought it may be to young for any relatives,,i will defo be staying there in the future!
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    hi trixie01.

    i'm using Ruth too and getting married on june 7th 2010. We are having our ceremony at st pauls pillar at 5pm. At the moment we are still in talks about our reception. We want a harbour or beachside venue. We have been looking at Atlantida or Kefalos but I've seen lots of talk on here about a habour restaurant giving 180 degree views over the harbour etc. sounds lovely, do u know anything about it or any others?

    We have about 25-30 coming and im having 3 bridesmaids, 2 my age and 1 whose 10.

    Our flights are booked but not our accom, we want a villa with private pool close to everything but its prooving very diff!!! xxx
  • Hey

    Im getting married in Paphos hopefully on the 15/07/2010 just waiting for Thomson to confirm this

    I have 3 adult bridesmaids

    and 1 flower girls

    Adult bridesmaids are wearing Apple green and are having Pink flowers and flower girl iswearing an ivory dress with apple green ribbon.

    i have at the moment 35 people booked for the two week duration but have around another 20 people booking for a week but need to wait for the wedding to be confirmed .

  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
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  • evedaviesevedavies Posts: 193
    Hi! Were getting married on 27th may2010 at peyia town hall, stil dnt no where2hav reception, looked in2so many different places bt keep changing r minds, wel its me realy soooo indecisive jus want it2b perfect!wer prob only havin 12 people up to20 max so want informal bt stil sumfin people wil remember 4eva!! Wev lookd in2boat an i LOVE this idea but quite expensive!! Were reccomended the not exclusive option for wavedancer firework cruise bt r weddin is on a thursday an the cruises r fri lol typical!so dnt no wot 2do an its startin2drive me mad feel like evryfin wil b bookd if we dont hurry up! Were not havin bridesmaid/bestman either as wer only small group an not2fussed hubby2b is in grey trousesrs white shirt an grey waistcoat il b in ivory wiv red roses an r son who'l b 3 wil hopefuly b wearin similar 2 hubby2b bt not gettin his til closer2time coz he keeps growin so fast!
  • Hello everyone,

    We are also staying at the Athena!!

    Our wedding is on the 4th june 2010 at 5pm on the sea star yacht in paphos harbour.

    we are having the wedding and reception on the yacht.

    Think there'll be about 20 coming out but only 2 have booked up to now.

    I am having my 2 sisters as bridesmaids and my niece who'll be 7 as a flower girl.

    Not too sure yet about colours but i did see some fab purple dresses in debenhams the other day.

    I have already got my dress and peter's even got his suit!

    Its funny that lots of us will be at the athena at the same time!

  • cyprusncyprusn Posts: 355
    Sarah, have purple it will look fab on your photos, especially if you have some kind of purple flower in your bouquet too. anyway I'm off to the Athena now, so I'll speak to you soon
  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    Hi ladies! Can I join in too, I booked my wedding this week for the 26th of August at Peyia Town hall then on to Vasilias for the reception, I'm soooo excited! LOL, just need to book the holiday part of it now, booked the wedding through Ruth at Paphos prestige and agree that she is god send, she's been faultless so far and so quick to respond. We're hoping for are 25 guests, I've got my niece and sister as adult bridesmaids and my two little nieces as flower girls although one is very little so will probably stay with her mum but wear a matching dress for the photos. I've changed my colour scheme so many times now but made the save the dates today so have to stick to them, I'm having a lovely lagoon blue with a deep pink for flowers. There is lovely terrace covered in bougainvillea where we will be eating so I thought it would work well. I'm aiming for a mama mia style reception with loads of candles and a bit of a relaxed laid back feeling. Lovely hearing what everyone else is doing! x
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