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I'm a new abroad bride

Hello everyone!

I've only been engaged for two weeks but I've already been surfing the web like a mad woman! It's great to find a forum with so many other abroad brides - all of my UK friends have had big, traditional UK hotel weddings so I'm feeling like the "odd one out at the moment".

My H2B is German (I've lived here for 5 years) and we're hoping to get married in Singapore (where we lived for two years - fantastic place) next September. My family were all stopping off on Singapore anyway on their way to a family birthday party in Australia, so we thought this would be a perfect solution. It means that we get married somewhere that is of sentimental value of both of us, in absolute luxury (at a fraction of the price that the same wedding would cost in Europe), and also means that get to avoid of all the guest list headaches/worries about which friend will dislike what, or how not to offend.

There will only be 10 or 11 of us in total, but, contrary to what some of my friends seem to think, there will still be quite a lot to plan, so look forward to exchanging more ideas soon!


  • Just want to say congratulations, that sounds great. Welcome to the'll find lots of great ideas and advice on here. when are you getting married? I get married in 160 days and I can't wait - Good luck
  • leonie9481leonie9481 Posts: 103

    I only got engaged 6 weeks ago & have just started planning. I'm getting married in Bali in April next year & i'm only having about 10-15 guests, so i reckon our plans will be going along the same track!!

    There is quite a lot to sort out, i'm having sleepless nights already!

    Good luck & look forward to your updates

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