Please help, im so worried!!!!

Just read an email from our venue in Cyrpus. We are getting married 22 July 2010, i couldnt be happier as it took so long for a reply. It will be an outdoor venue and the time they have given us is 6PM!!! is this normal? Worried about photos and things if this is to late, ... streeeesssss :\?


  • Meli4444Meli4444 Posts: 243

    I am getting married at 5pm in 6 weeks time! I requested this time as it will be cooler and also it will be cheaper as you will not have to provide your guests with nibbles as well as a main meal!!! Also, think of the lovely sunset pictures!

    It will be fine, dont worry!

    Mel x
  • DIY_LisaDIY_Lisa Posts: 11
    Thank you ... i feel calmer now lol, was so worried. It probably wouldnt matter what time i was given i would still have a panic attack lol
  • cyprusncyprusn Posts: 355

    I am sitting here at 6.20 on 21st July, and please believe me, you really wouldn't want to be getting married any earlier if you can avoid it. It is baking hot, and just strating to cool down but only very slightly. Trust me this is so the best time to get married. Where are you getting married? Sunset is about 8.05 at the moment, so you will have plenty of time to get to a sunset place if you aren;t getting married at one. It will be fab and just remember, tomorrow you can say "I'm getting married this year"
  • Meli4444Meli4444 Posts: 243
    i am a very worried bride 2! if my h2b still wants to marry me in 6 weeks i will be amazed! i am driving him mad!
  • emmawatersemmawaters Posts: 749
    I got married on a yacht last month at 5.30pm and the time was perfect.
  • loulou16ukloulou16uk Posts: 335

    dnt stress we havnt booked yet but we want r wedding quite late! around 5pmish! x
  • Vikki206Vikki206 Posts: 300
    I get married next Thursday at 6pm and I can't wait. An evening wedding will be perfect and how wonderful to have photos as the sun is setting x
  • we got married on the 3.07.09 in larnaca outside in a colleseum around the pool at 5.30pm and it was too hot...our guests were baking and if i had my time again i would have gone for 6.30pm or even things do not close at 12pm like they do in the uk...we partied till 3 in the
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    Im 5pm too, its fine chicken dont worry! x
  • we get married at 5pm in peyia in two weeks image best advice my wedding planner has given me i reckon image xx
  • kazziehennkazziehenn Posts: 44
    5pm for me too in 5 weeks time!!!!

    cannot wait
  • bushbaby1982bushbaby1982 Posts: 339
    We thought we'd booked 5pm but some mix up meant we got 6pm. I was pretty annoyed at the time but in retrospect I'm really glad it worked out like this. The temperature had dropped a bit, most people had left the pool area so we didn't have sunburnt strangers ogling from the background, and the whole thing just flowed really well without any awkward gaps of hanging around. It will be fine, I promise!
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