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Wedding Planners !!

Hi Ladies

what are everyone's opinions on whether we need them or not ???

we're getting married in Cyprus June 08 and as yet haven't booked anything as brochures haven't come out yet (ordered dress though) and we are going over in 3 weeks to decide on venue.

Is it easy enough (and cheaper) to oragnise yourself without going down the wedding planning route ???

As we're staying in the hotel we wont need transport, so it'll just be flowers, photography, service, cake and then whatever we choose to do later.

Any thoughts ? Has anyone organised all theirs themselves (wthout family living there) and was it cheaper ?




  • Hi Sarah,

    We're getting married in Singapore in September 2008 and I 'm pretty sure that we'll opt NOT to have a wedding planner. Obviously, having a planner means that you can sit back and enjoy the run-up to the big day more so than if you were organising everything yourself, but they do cost, and I'm not entirely convinced that the cost would be worth it.

    We lived in Singapore for two years and know all of our preferred venues well. Since you're going to be going out there to have a look at your venues in a few weeks time, you'll also have a good idea of what you want before you book. Also, since you are getting married in a hotel out there, they will probably be more than happy to help with a lot of the other aspects of your day.

    I think a wedding planner is worth it if you're organising a very large event in a place that you don't know very well, want a non-hotel venue or there is a big language barrier. I just feel that as long as you're fairly organised and know your way about the Internet a bit, it's just not worth the cost to outsource the (exciting!) preparations to someone else. Just my view though.

  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    We have a wedding planner for our wedding in Hydra next year and have found it have good and bad points as we dont speak the language and dont really know the area that well ...we are still going out there later this year to finalise things and make sure that we are happy with the things that have been arranged..

    In all honesty even though i complain about her taking ages to come back to me i would have been lost without her !...we are having about 30 people out to our wedding so not a big do as such but still enough i think to warrant a planner !
  • We chose a wedding planner to help us with the administrative burden for our wedding in Sicily. All other aspects we are arranging ourselves with the reception venue. Why don't you contact a few planners in Cyprus and get quotes for various levels of support. You and H2B can then decide how much or little you want to the planner to do. I would contact at least 3 to get a good idea. There are huge differences in services and prices out there.
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