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I am getting married in cyprus in a church on the 24th August, we are meeting with the wedding planner not long after we arrive to sort out music and things. I dont know what to do or suggest have any of you got any idea's?

Is there any CD's you can buy or suggestions to make my own?

Any help is much appreciated

Maria xxx:\?

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  • Meli4444Meli4444 Posts: 243
    Hi, i have put all of our fave songs onto a couple of cds for the ceramony and the reception. The 1st 3 songs are the ones we want to use for walking down the aisle/signing the certificate and walking back up the aisle. One of my bridesmaids has also put some songs on her ipod for us to use for the reception as we can plug it into the hotel's sound system. Hope this helps! x
  • carletonukcarletonuk Posts: 127
    You could have any of the songs that are special to the two of you but ensure that te priest does not mind. We had traditional songs ag ours (Here comes the bride, ave maria, wedding march out). xx
  • beckybobsbeckybobs Posts: 88
    Hi weddingbear

    With regard to your CD with Ava Maria etc did you put that together yourself? I love Ava Maria and would like to try and find a suitable pre-prepared CD with it on so would be interested to know where you got yours ?


  • carletonukcarletonuk Posts: 127
    No we didn't have anything in mind when we got to Cyprus. It was the lady in the church that suggested it. It is really beautiful and is perfect for a wedding brings back lovely memories. i am sure you could find in a classical cd or on i-tunes. xx hope this helps. good luck with everything xx
  • Thanks for this, Ave Maria is my favourtie also, i just didnt want to do anything to upset the priest so i do think this is a great alternative.


    Maria xx
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