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Venues in Sorrento or the surrounding areas??

Hi, We got engaged in April and are planning for a 2011 wedding for money reasons.

Originally we really wanted a barn wedding in a rustic and informal location. We looked at 6 venues in Surrey and they were all over £3k just to hire. We will only have a budget of around £10k so we thought we'd look to Italy to try to keep guests and costs down. Although it may be cheaper i still am not 100% i don't want to do it here as if in italy we'd have to stay for a week which would hike up the cost.

I have been in contact with quite a few places who are all quoting approx 100 euro's per head. Does anyone have any recommendations for any venues with a cost lower than say 70 euros per head? We are relatively flexible, would be nice to see the sea and have some greenery around us!

Cheers girls,


  • kobieukkobieuk Posts: 22
    We were married in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast absolutely fantastic look at
  • jessikatukjessikatuk Posts: 58
    Hi I am looking at Don Pedro in Sorrento, their menus range from 39-95 euros, their menus are on their website if you google them, and the Foreigners Club start at arond 35euros too I think.

    Good Luck

  • ejbruceejbruce Posts: 87

    I got married in Sorrento in May 2009 - and I can't recommend the location highly enough.

    Generally Italy is an expensive destination, but I think you should be able to get a really good wedding for your budget. 1 thing I did was to budget everything in sterling and so even when the exchange rate was really poor, and the prices started to come in, they didn't come as a shock to me.

    We stayed at the Hotel La Solara, which we booked via Portland Holidays. Lots of fab comments about the hotel on trip advisor, including my own and we booked it based on the fact that my parents had visited at 4 times before - now I know why! image

    I used the services of a wedding co-ordinator in Sorrento; Alessandra @ the book of dreams, she was really helpful, responded to all of my emails etc etc. She carried out all of the oragnisation of the ceremony, including paperwork etc and we paid 1200 euro, which included a bouquet and buttonhole - flowers were perfect. She also offers an 'extras' list, which include horse and carriage ride, car hire, music, hair and makeup - I only booked the Mandolin Player at a cost of 220 euro - and was worth every single euro, it really added to the atmosphere and is very italian. Be warned, I think some of things on the list are expensive, such as hair; 90 euro!, but looking at the prices in the salon windows - it was about right!

    She is on hand during the day and acts as an interpretor at the ceremony.

    The venue we chose was Cloisters, which is where most people get married in Sorrento. I read reviews about

    Our wedding reception was at La Tonnarella, which is a hotel and restuarant and was recommended to me by someone I got chatting to on here, I looked at their website and was blown away by the location and view. I can highly recommend this, we paid 80 euro per head for the meal - which consisted of; buffett apertif (which was a meal on it's own) with champagne cocktails. Then parma ham and melon, a pasta dish, chicken, potatoes and vegetables, fruit salad and then a huge wedding cake - which was soaked in lemoncello, also included was menu cards printed with our names and the date, flower centrepice, choice of table linen's ???? bottle of water per person and glass of spumante per person. We paid 30 euro per head for a childrens meal.

    We paid for an extra couple of bottles of bubbly - although we had that many cocktails, I am not sure you need it and then we had 4 bottles of wine extra (there were only 9 of us and none of us are big drinkers!). I am sure we had more iced water than we paid for the boys had a couple of beers each, which they didn't charge us for. What was nice is that we they asked us if we wanted to provide more wine etc, they recommended their house wine which was 10 euro a bottle - surprising, as most places would recommend something a lot more expensive - what a refreshing change!

    Spectular food, venue, views of sorrento etc, service - don't have a bad word to say about the place - apart from WAY TOO MUCH FOOD!! lol image)

    When I contacted them originally for menus and prices, they emailed me about 20 different menus and I think the cheapest was around 40 euro. However I am sure that should you give them a budget or ask for something specifically, they would be extremely accomodating. We paid for it all via paypal before we went and had lots of contact with them via email and Mariella was on hand on the day of our visit and also the day of our wedding reception.

    I have added my reviews for the hotel and reception venue to trip advisor, along with a few photo's and have also posted a wedding report on "I got married in may 2009", which has a link to some of my photo's.

    We spent 6k on our wedding in Sorrento, which included a 2 week holiday, but we had a low key wedding with a small amount of people.

    I hope I've helped you - feel free to drop me an email ([email protected]) if you want anymore information, photo's or a bit more detail on our budget and where we saved money

    Best Wishes and Congratulations!

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