Town Hall Ceremony

Hi brides to be. I'm sorry this may be a really silly question but does everyone have a ceremony at the town hall before there actual wedding day?

(sorry if I'm being really thick)


  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Where are you getting married?

    We're marrying in Italy and our wedding is at the town hall x
  • LisaGs2bELisaGs2bE Posts: 198
    Sorry, I'm getting married at Ayia Kyriaki church in Paphos x
  • 0710bride0710bride Posts: 792
    I think if its a Catholic ceremony then you do, but not if it's an Anglican ceremony. x
  • LisaGs2bELisaGs2bE Posts: 198
    Oh ok. Thank you image
  • carletonukcarletonuk Posts: 127

    If you are having a catholic ceremony you have to have a civil ceremony as well as they do not recognise each other. Just come back from my wedding in Paphos and that is what we did. xx
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