Exchanging rings?????????

Hi ladies, OH and I have just booked our registry office for June next year, we are flying to Spain a few days later to have our 'wedding'. I really didnt want to make a big deal (although of course it is) of the legal ceremony here in England but OH's parents cant make the ceremony in Spain, they are elderly, so we thought it would be nice to have them as witnesses. Now my parents have said they want to come although they are coming to Spain as they feel its important as legally the marriage here is the important bit.

Have any of you had to do this?? I didnt really want to exchange rings at the ceremony here as I wanted to just do that in Spain but I wasnt sure if we actually had to.

It seems daft putting a ring on, taking it off and doing it again a few days later. We are lucky in that quite a few people have already booked their flights etc so we will be having a good turn out in Spain. I know its not majorly important just wanted to hear what other ladies are doing.



  • carletonukcarletonuk Posts: 127
    I got married in Paphos in Cyprus and had a civil and church wedding. We did not exchange rings at our civil ceremony as we wanted them blessed at our church wedding. There wer no problems at all. xx
  • jenvialljenviall Posts: 147
    Thanks for the reply wedding bear, sounds like you had a fab day!
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