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Mens Favours?? Miniture bottles of alcohol

Hiya Everyone

We were thinking of giving the men guests to our wedding in Cyprus miniture bottles of alcohol (because we can't think or anything else!) but what is best? To buy them in the UK and pack them in our suitcases and take them out with us (along with everything else! ha ha no idea where its all going to fit!) or do we wait until we are in Cyprus and buy them out there? Also do you think somewhere will sell them out there?

Clur xx


  • jessikatukjessikatuk Posts: 58
    I was thinking along the same lines but getting a mini limoncello as we are getting married in Sorrento and it's the local tipple! Could you do something along the same lines. Ouzo maybe, is that teh local drink, then you don't have to pack them. On the other hand my friend had mini whisky's made up with their own lable with the date of the wedding.

  • ClaireToonClaireToon Posts: 355

    Yeah i was thinking of Ouzo as i also thought this was the local drink. I was looking at the labels too for the wedding date. I think i found some on ebay where they print them and you just stick them on so i might take the stickers with me and stick them on when we get there!

    Clur xx
  • sunshinecmdsunshinecmd Posts: 1,388
    Hi Clur,

    Don't know if you've seen the East Cyprus brides thread but someone who went out recently to Cyprus said they saw minatures for 2 Euros, which I was also thinking of getting out there as will be carrying so much other stuff. xx
  • ClaireToonClaireToon Posts: 355
    oh cool! thank you, i'll hunt that thread down. xx
  • PurpleMuffinukPurpleMuffinuk Posts: 1,385
    That is a great idea. My H2Bs sister did it for her wedding in Cyprus, she took them all with her. Goodness knows how she got everything in!

    We are getting married in Italy and for favours for the men were thinking of bottles of local German beer (we live in Frankfurt). But will be easy for us as we'll be driving down so can take as much as we can fit in the car image
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