Wedding breakfast restaurant menu the same-is this ok?

Hi, we are getting married in Zanzibar in Dec, we will be staying in the hotel for a week before we get married. I've just received the restaurant menu from the hotel to make our choices, and it all looks yummy.

However, given the fact we will be staying in the hotel and will probably all have eaten in the restaurant already, will this make our wedding breakfast seem less special if they have seen the options before?

Maybe I'm being silly and it doesn't matter, what do you think?

Thanks ladies xxx


  • i think it will be lovely whatever you do. zanzibar looks amazing. could you arrange some decorations or maybe a champagne/bucks fizz type extra if you are worried about it being extra special.

  • carmel6107carmel6107 Posts: 39
    Good plan, I have some cute table decorations etc so it will look nicer than just having a normal meal. Might include a sorbet course or something like that as well. Thanks hon x
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