What now?

Hi all,

Newby here!

Just booked our Venue in France for Sept 2010, we are only inviting close friends and family and we will be letting them know the date. But when do we send save the date cards and invites? I think people will need as much notice as possible, but not sure what to do!image


  • sunshinecmdsunshinecmd Posts: 1,388
    Hi MrsHatton, we sent out invites about a year before, as wanted to give people as much notice as possible, didn't bother with save the dates, just invites. x
  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    We sent our invites a year and a bit before the wedding so people could save. We just included in the invites a 'Remember the date' magnet (it wasnt really saving it as they had the invite at the same time) along with hotel info/rsvp/dvd of the venue xx
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