Florida weddings

Hey there

Just thinking for having our weding florida and wondered if anyone could give me some pointers.

It will only be us & our parents & sibling so a small affair, been to orlando, tampa & clearwater and loved them all!

Any help will be gladly received

Lorr xx


  • I am looking into florida aswell, there are alot of options, if you fancy a beach wedding I have seen some lovely set ups on www.destinationweddingsoforlando.com

    I am torn between that and a package wedding in a hotel - just for ease of organisation really.

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    Hi sharpyswife2b, thanks for the reply. I too have been looking on destination weddings, it looks lovely! I have been to clearwater beach n its so lovely with really white sand, heaven! keep in touch n let me jnow how you get on with your planning. xx
  • HI Lorr74,I am having a wedding in Florida nxt aug booked hoteland wedding package all thru virgin getting married in st pete's at Tradewinds islande grande,hav u been here? looking to book a restaurtant 4 recpt after,about 20 of us going.
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    Hey susieq123

    Sounds lovely! I haven't been to st pete's but had a sneeky look at your hotel, fab! Im still not sure about going for beach, gardens or hotels. still trawling though all the stuff on t'internet at the mo.

    Get there eventually I hope!

    Lorr x
  • I am getting married in Florida next June 2010 at the disney wedding pavillion. Went to view it while we were on holiday and loved it! The planners are fab 2! x
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    Sounds great Mrsritchie2b! I had a look at that but unfortunately its outta our budget. It looks fab though. Are you spending a couple of weeks in Orlando?

    Lorr 74 x
  • I know the pavillion looks stunning - I keep changing my mind but then I am not getting married until 2011 so I have time to decide at the moment my mind is on swan/dolphin the disney sister hotel. I wanted a beach wedding but I think it would be far less stressful if I could get ready in the hotel and just walk 2 minutes to the ceremony, rather than travel an hour in a car x
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    We are going to Orlando in March for my 30th & have decided to get married whilst over there, at the moment we are hoping for a Hot Air Balloon Wedding!
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    Wow Amya10 that certainly is different, good on ya. Are you telling anyone about the wedding or just surprising them on your return?

    sounds fab

    Lorr x
  • Yes, we get married exactly 1 week into our 2 week stay. We found it has worked out cheaper than most places. We are only having an escape wedding as we have less than 18 guests, i think the wishes wedding can cost a fortune!
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    I think the best thing when planning a destination wedding is to get a planner to help you :) I know of an awesome planner in Florida who is worth checking out! Her name is Nelly Taveras, and she is really experienced with a lot of vendors there http://try.bestmiamiweddings.com/nelly/

    For just a small group of people you could look into the Spanish Monastery in Miami! It's a really unique venue that fits small intimate weddings and big weddings as well :)

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