Live band costs?

Hoping someone can help or offer any suggestions...

I am looking for a live band (no more than 5 piece) to play a range of music from 60's to modern day.

I found a fantastic band but they have come back with a quote of £2000 for 120 minutes play.

Is it just me, or is that very expensive?!!

I am ideally wanting to pay at least half of that and I am unsure if I am being unrealisitc...

How much is everyone else paying and for how long are the band playing?

Also, any good band suggestions for the north of England?

If £2000 is about average then I may have to scrap the whole live band idea image

Thanks very much in advance! xx


  • Hi,

    We are having a band and a dj to play when the band have there breaks. They are playing 3 sets of 45 mins, our evening reception starts at 7.30 and finsihes at 1am so the dj will play to fill the time slots. The band are also singing live our first dance sound which I was amde up about! image

    In total dj and all we are paying £1200 the band is called the right stuff and there website is

    Hope this helps...

  • Thanks very much for your reply and information. They sound MUCH more reasonable!

    I have emailed the band now so hope to hear from them soon.

    Out of curiosity, have you heard the band play live?


  • Hiya,

    We're having a live band who play a range of music but mainly soul. They are an 8 piece band and will play 3 sets of 45 minutes. We are paying £1,250 which I think is very reasonable! We did check out a few more which ranged from £750 (4 piece) to £3k!!! I guess it all depends on your taste!! Good luck.

    image xxx
  • We're having a funky soul band and we're paying £800 for 2 x 1hour sets. We're having a 5 piece but they do up to 12 piece for larger venues, and the price goes up accordingly. I heard them play at my works Xmas do and they were fantastic.
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