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Hi there, does anybody have any contacts for wedding hair and make up in Sorrento that doesn't cost the earth!? Was going to book with recommendation from wedding planner but they charging 150 euros just for the hair.

Would be great to hear from brides who waited until they got to sorrento and advise if this is a good idea or not .....!



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    Hi Helsbels16

    I did my own hair and makeup when I got married in Sorrento in May 2009 due to the costs I was quoted by my wedding co-ordinator - ridiculous price if you ask me.

    However my sister (MOH) couldn't decide how she was going to have her hair and so we decided to see if we could get a hairdresser to do it once you got to Sorrento.

    There are lots and lots of beauty salons/hairdresser for you to do this, but the price isn't that much cheaper to book it when you get there.

    She decided to have it tied back, and they wanted around 70euro for that!

    Needless to say we didn't pay that, we went up to the Market (Every Tuesday, top of the hill in Sorrento) morning of the wedding and found a great little stall which sold lots of lovely hair accessorys/costume jewellery etc and bought a lovely diamante clasp for her and hair and I did it for her!

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Helsbels16,

    My cousin got married in Sorrento 2 years ago and as the prices for hair quoted by the wedding co-ordinator were expensive we decided to leave it unti we got there to book something. stayed at the Grand Hotel Royal which was beautiful. in the Piaza outside it there was a hair salon so we decided to book in for the wedding. If you say it is for a party you get a cheap price but mention wedding and the prices shoot up.

    However i would suggest you do your hair yourself as they made a mess of my hair and the brides. it took 2.5 hours to do it and it was awful. My cousin look like Patsy from Ab Fab with a big quiff.She came out of the hairdressers crying and we had to go back to the hotel and do our hair all over again. it definately was not worth the money or the stress.

    i think when you get married abroad you can be more relaxed with your hair so doing it your self may be the better option.

    By the way Sorrento is absolutely beautiful. gorgeous place to get married and a lovely place for a holiday. you will have a ball x

  • Thanks guys, the only problem is I am hopeless with doing my hair,

    and all girls in my wedding party don't want the responsibility!!

    Ha Ha can't get Patsy out of my brain now poor thing, do NOT want to look like that on my wedding day!!

    Might go to hairdressers back here and watch very carefully and practice loads.


  • Hi I am also looking for some reccendations for hair & make up. I cant believe the prices I am being quoted! Well over £1000 for me & x4 bridesmaids. having a heart attack here! 

  • Hi Future brides!

    Im Megan!im getting married in Italy in April!

    ive chosen Italy - Rome as my perfect place for my wedding!

    actually it was quite impossible to organise it myself, I adore Italy and travel often here, but its a complete disaster when you need to organise smth here, especially such a big event as wedding,

    so i read in one of the forums that it was better to find a wedding planner, so I did so, and i dont regret at all! She did everything for me and I wasnt mad looking for my suppliers, or waiting their email for days, if you want she is

    She is my photographer, im really happy as her photos are amazingly beautiful, she is a real professional, and a very kind and attentive person!

    Ive also found thanks to my wedding planner, my make up artist and hairstylist in Rome

    Annartstyle make up and hair, you can find her both on FB and instagram,

    She is a real professional, speaks fluent english, is very flexible with prices, she does greatly both hair and make up, I ve already done my trial, so Im sure about it 100%. She consulted me about my general look, as I didn’t know what I wanted, but thanks to her great experience, we found my Look!If you are interested , i can send photos here!As I know she moves all around Italy, so you can ask her how much she charges for Sorrento! For my my price is very very reasonable!


  • SoonToBeMrsWard wrote (see post):

    Hi I am also looking for some reccendations for hair & make up. I cant believe the prices I am being quoted! Well over £1000 for me & x4 bridesmaids. having a heart attack here! 

    Hi, really so much????? im impressed, Ive been asked much less including the trip from Rome, and the quality is superb! Ive had a trial, so I can assure you! try to contact Anna her email [email protected]

    her web Annartstyle make up and hair on facebook, annartstylemakeupandhair on instagram and

    hope i can be helpful!



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