Whats the legal stuff when getting married in spain???

Just wondering what is the legal requirements to get wed in spain? anyone know?


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    It all depends on which province you are in-some are tougher that others to get permission. Generally its a very long process which is why most people choose to just have a blessing instead. I know here in Malaga if you are two foreigners and non-Catholic then you must be resident for 2 years prior or have been on the padron (registered with the townhall) for 2 years. Then you need a mountain of paperwork from the townhall aswell as the usual birth certificates etc. Best to check on the British Embassy website hun. Good Luck!
  • Im getting married in Malaga but to save all the hassle of legal stuff i am getting married back home in Scotland in the registry office with just me and my h2b. We aint telling anyone when we are doing this so that they dont make a big deal about it.

    Then when we go to Spain we are getting a blessing on the beach in front of our 70 guests image

    Hope this helps image

  • we've just done the same - we live in Spain but hadn't been registered on padron for long enough by the wedding date (last Saturday, 5th September!) so had a legal ceremony in UK first, back in June. We treated 5th September as our 'wedding day' and none of the guests knew that it wasn't the 'real thing'. Would definitely recommend doing this - the Spanish love their paperwork so this way is much much easier! Also bear in mind that you can have the legal ceremony performed in Gibraltar as well as the UK.
  • hello

    hubby and I are british nationals (living in Scotland too!) so couldnt have a legal wedding in spain so had a blessing for 50 guests in Andalucia (near Malaga too!!!sorry to change the subject but Mrs Jenkins to be i think we are the same!) then drove to Gibraltar with parents a couple of days later to do the legal bit there, which is in English and fully recognized under British law.

    hope this helps, getting married in Gib was very straight-forward.

    AB XX
  • Hi all, just want some advice on having a wedding in Malaga or other parts of Andulucia. Wedding planners, caterers, singers, flower arrangements and anything else. 

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