Has anyone placed an order with Connick Gift Solutions???!!!

Hi all!

Im so not happy with Connick Gift Solutions!!

I placed an order for 2 lovely engraved silver dominos sets from them for our best man and father of the bride nearly 2 months ago and as it states on the website i allowed the 28 working days and some more. I phoned them at the start of last week to ask what was happening to my order and was told the had no stock left of the domino sets but they should be in that week and they would phone me back on friday to confirm this. No call back! I finally got through to them today after the line being busy all morning to be told they would never be getting them back in stock??!!! And that i could have the mini dominos sets and would be refunded half the price and they are half the price. I asked if i could see what they look like but no image on the website.

She says she is refunding me today and has promised me the "mini" dominos sets will be with me by saturday. She asked for the 3 digit security pin on my card. Does she need this to refund???

She would give no reason or even say sorry as to why they had not emailed or phoned me to let me know i would never recieve my order and now with 11 days till i fly to Cyprus for my wedding i have no idea if i will either recieve my order or will even like the "mini" domino sets!!!!

Has anyone else had any problems with them???

Lisa xx


  • I am two in a very similiar situation!!! I placed my order 22/9/09... and I have tried every possible way of contacting them..no response...did you manage to sort your problem out?
  • Hi all,

    Ive also got a problem with connick. I placed my order in early September and still have not recieved it!!! I've tried to ring with no response, i've sent emails again with no response. I've now gone to trading standards which I advise you all to do so we can build a good case. They wanted me to send connick a letter (via recoreded delivery) saying I want my gifts in 10 days or a full refund-it is now day 7 and nothing. If i've recieved nothing by 10days I have to contact trading standards and they'll take it further!

    Good Luck Everybody let me know how everyone does!
  • Hiya,

    I placed an order worth £80 with Connick on 5th August 2009 and was told that as it was the busy period my order would be processed end of september. I called them on the 7th October and was told i would have my order shortly but to date have received nothing.

    I have tried calling them numerous times a day every day for nearly two weeks now and never get an answer nor do they reply to my emails. I am very frustrated by this so will follow your advice and send a letter by recorded delivery and have already contacted trading standards.

    Fingers crossed for us all
  • Hi,

    Im having the same problem. I ordered my gifts (a total of £120) in August and called them in October, I was told that they were waiting for one item to come in stock and I should receive them in a few weeks...still nothing image

    I'm going to try and call again this week and if not will send a letter,

    Good luck with all!

  • I am glad I found you all ! I am a YAYW person and was going to post a message to see if anyone had used them as I have been waiting a month for an item and not heard from them. I have called them (no reply no answerphone) I have e mailed them (4 times) and now I will also be writing to them via registered post. really annoyed as we got married 6 weeks ago and have ordered gifts for our parents and wanted to give them to them by Christmas.

    I wouldn't advise anyone to use this company go to confetti.com instead I wish I had.
  • Can someone please send me the number for them, I have still not recieved my order and there website is not avaliable

  • Hiya,

    I placed an order with Connick beginning August 09 and still have not received it. Had to go through Consumer Direct and send a letter by recorded delivery to Connick stating that i wanted my goods or a full refund in 10 days. Having heard nothing it has now been passed to Trading Standards who i have to provide all relevant information to but have been told that the likely hood of receiving my goods or a refund are very slim. Now the web site is no longer available it makes it even more obvious i am out of pocket as is a lot of others. The telephone number for Connick is 0121 233 0307 but they never answer the phone regardless of what time of day you call.


  • I am so angry with this company for taking everyone's money and not sending the goods, especially for those who had spoken to them and were told the items were on their way.

    The website is not available now so I think we can all assume that we are out of pocket , I am soo annoyed , my husband says put it down to experience and move on, but how dare this company take people's hard earned money and then not come up with the goods.

    I got their leaflet through one of the wedding magazines (can't remeber which one) future brides just be careful when ordering from these brouchures and leaflets. Stick with well known ones like confetti.com
  • axm237axm237 Posts: 103
    Do you know who they banked with? Only reason I asked is my sister was in a very similar situation as you guys, but with a different site. She was getting so upset. Luckily they used paypal and we were able to launch a dispute. Paypal gave them 10 working days to send our goods, and if they didn't then we'd win and get our money back.

    They ended up giving us a money back.

    Try and check you invoice from them and see if you can get a banking link x
  • Hi All,

    I went into the store a few weeks ago and it's now changed hands (giftgift). I spoke to Tana and she has taken on all the orders from Connick's. I managed to get m gifts and she gave me her mobile number to pass onto others that were having problems. 07891 817 671

    Good Luck! X
  • Hiya,

    I am so pleased to hear that at least one of us has eventually received their

    goods even though you had to personally go get them.

    I was really happy to hear that Tana was taking on orders from Connick and that she provided a contact number. I have tried to call this number several times but the message i get is that the number is not in service, has anyone else had any luck getting through??

    Cheers x
  • I have tried to call the number for Tanya and it is unobtainable there is no information for Gift Gift on the internet so I am dubious about the information posted by Mrs Homer 2 B.

    I have spoken to Trading Statndards who put me on to a company that tell you iff companies have gone into liquidation. The official line is as follows:

    The company Connick Gifts have gone into liquidation which is why their website is no longer available. If you have ordered goods and paid for then by credit card it is "possible" that you credit card company may refund you the money. If like me you have paid by debit card / cheque then there is no way that you can get your money back from your bank and you have lost your money (unfortunately) . I am putting this down to a bad experience and in future will probably use my credit card to pay for future purchases from unknown companies so that if they do go into liquidation I don't loose my money.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad new but hope this helps.
  • Just found this thread.... Looks like they are in administration then!! Was going to buy bridesmaid jewellrey. Its a shame cos I used them about 18 months ago for loads of wedding stuff and they were fantastic so is a shame and really surprise they have gone bust!!

    Have to get searching somewhere else now!!
  • Thanks for the update Alibee. I am in contact with trading standards who want me to send them invoices, copies of letters sent etc but it all seems like a waste of time when there is no chance of getting my money back.

    Like you i paid by debit card so will just have to put it down to experience.

    Cheers x
  • mandzukmandzuk Posts: 234

    Hi ladies,

    Im sorry to hear your difficulties with Connick, I was lucky I guess, I ordered back in July/August last year and got my orders within about 3 weeks - I was really pleased. Hope all your problems are resolved.
  • Hiya,

    I sent a letter by recorded delivery to Giftgift at Connicks address explaining the situation and asked it was true they were taking on past orders.

    After a few weeks i had just about given up hope when an email arrived to say that Giftgift were sorting through stock and trying to get a website up and running but to bear with them. It was also a bit of a shock to discover that the email was from Steven Connick who i am sure was director of that company.

    However today i received a parcel with my complete order so i think you other lady's waiting for goods should try the same thing.

    Good luck

  • NatAndyNatAndy Posts: 105
    Thank god ive found this post, id picked out a lot of gifts for people from Connick so glad i didnt order them. Only thing im really gutted about is the cross crystal cufflinks i really wanted them for H2B
  • It now looks like GiftGift are treating their customers in the same way and the two companies are connected as if you go to www.connick.co.uk it redirects you to www.giftgift.co.uk.  Steve Connick is a name on the GiftGift site.  One Margorie Connick is also shown as the director and also of Conway Precison Engineering Group Limited and it appears she is not the only Connick connected wiht this business.  I placed an order on the 22nd February  and on calling, not successfully at first, I eventually got an answer to say that one item was out of stock and they were trying to source.  Kept chasing as did not get the promised calls back.  Sounding familiar?  Two to three weeks back when I tried to call again having not had the promised call I got a BT message saying 'there was a fault on the line, the customer is aware and they are trying to fix as soon as possible'.  After a few days of this I called BT as it seemed strange they did not have the calls diverted to another number.  I was told that there was a problem in the area and that all lines should be up and running again by the 7th April.  When on the 10th I still got the same message called them again and they said there was a fault and that they were waiting on the customer getting in touch.  At this stage I contacted the credit card company and the Citizens Advice Burea who told me to write a letter requesting a refund.  I sent it to the postal address as well as the other address on the website and also to their registered address.The one to the registered address was signed for.  The one to the psotal address was signed for by an S. Connick.  The other one was returned as 'addressee gone away.  My other half had reason for work to be in the Birmingham area so made a little trip out to the postal address last week and said he would be surprised if anyone had lived there in a while so we think that maybe the letter was sent to a redirected address. We have reported it to Action Fraud and also Trading Standards.  In the meantime have had to go out and buy five more lots of Bridesmaid Jewelley and something for my Mum along with a Wedding Cake Knive.  Like others I would recommend Confetti.com who I was a bit dubious of at first as could not find an address on their website but the goods were received tow days after ordering.

  • Jack33Jack33 Posts: 1

    Hi All;

    I Ordered some "Silver Plated Cufflinks" and received them today… what can I say apart from WOW!!! These are extremely high quality and look amazing!! 

    They have had their website revamped and reconfigured, the ordering process was very easy and went straight through… went online… chose the cufflinks… designed the scripture to be engraved on them… Booom sale went through, and I received my confirmation email. 

    After reading some of these negative reviews all I can say is everyone is entitled to their opinion however they may be outdated, but I ordered mine and got them in 2 Days… very impressed, speedy and top service.  Will definitely be ordering again and telling all of my colleagues/ family as products look great and thrilled with this company. 



  • Mrsseebe2beMrsseebe2be Posts: 706 New bride

    Oh wow! A new bride that's never posted before suddenly posting a positive review on an ancient thread of negative reviews... Doesn't seem suspicious at all.

  • Hi, I am not a bride or anything but I did just purchase jewelry from Connik Jewelry which I think is the new name under which these guys trade. After reading all the bad reviews I almost didn't place my order but no other place offered such straightforward online order process so I gambled and I am so glad I did! I ordered a necklace with engraving and it arrived the next day, beautifully packaged and the quality of engraving was amazing. Don't let these bad reviews turn you away.

  • Mrsseebe2be wrote (see post):

    Oh wow! A new bride that's never posted before suddenly posting a positive review on an ancient thread of negative reviews... Doesn't seem suspicious at all.

    And look, it just happened again.....   how stupid do these people think we are, lol

  • Hi I have just used this company Connik, I ordered 3 heart pendants for my up and coming wedding in August, i ordered 2 for bridesmaids and 1 for my maid of honour,the delivery was really quick within 2 days!! Very impressed the necklaces themselves were amazing the engraving was stunning and for the price i paid i am over the moon the quality is excellent i will be ordering more from this company. I cant wait to give the necklaces as gifts. Very impressed so glad i found this company
  • h.wills said:
    Hi I have just used this company Connik, I ordered 3 heart pendants for my up and coming wedding in August, i ordered 2 for bridesmaids and 1 for my maid of honour,the delivery was really quick within 2 days!! Very impressed the necklaces themselves were amazing the engraving was stunning and for the price i paid i am over the moon the quality is excellent i will be ordering more from this company. I cant wait to give the necklaces as gifts. Very impressed so glad i found this company
    Oh look, yet another 'new' bride with only one post popping up on a thread from nearly a decade ago and that hasn't been commented on in over a year to leave a 'positive review' when let's face it, the only way you'd have found this @h.wills is by searching for it. And why would you do that if you'd had a positive experience?

    How stupid do people think we are?!
  • It's also worth mentioning that 'Connik Jewellery' isn't even registered with Companies House, y'know, that place where legit businesses have to register.
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