Favours for weddings abroad lets share ideas

Hi everyone,

Got a while to go yet don't get married till 25th May, but just thought we could share ideas on favours for weddings abroad. Interested to see what eveyone is doing. So far for mine I have fans for the ladies, but these are for the ceremony.

For the table favours I personalised lip balms (but still can't decide whether to do OOT bags and put these in them) again for the ladies, butterfly wine glass charms to go on ladies wine glasses.

For the men I was thinking of doing personalised mint tins, using the same labels as ones on lip balms, men are so difficult to get for though, and also thinking of getting sample perfumes/aftershaves.

Here's some pictures of my bits-


Lip Balm

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  • Wine Glass Charms

  • hiya, love the fans, if u dont mind were'd u get them from n how much? i was thinkin of not doin 2 much mayb jus fans n mints or turkish delight n givin out thank-yous wen back home.image
  • Hi

    I think i'm either gonna go for Wine Charms for ladys ( me & my friend are going to make our own to match colour scheme!) and maybe minature drinks or bottle openers for the men!

    I've seen lots of other ideas though

    Personalised cocktail sachets

    fridge magnates

    Bottle stoppers


    check out www.beau-coup.com

    for some good ideas!!

    Hope that helps

    Star x x x x
  • I'm having personalised fans for the girls, personalised cigars for the men x
  • We're getting married in England now, but we were originally planning on doing it in Cyprus, our favours were going to be chrome luggage tags, we found som really lovely ones for £1.99 each.
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    mummy22 - where did you get the cigars from?? great idea! image

  • Hi my fans were from fanfairuk. xx
  • we're buying them over here in Spain and having them personalised by a friend but if you google it some places should come up!H2B loved the idea-he likes a good cigar at a party and if they dont smoke them that night they'll last a long long time!x
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    Hi Ladies

    thanks for this thread mrs higginstobe, I have been trying to think of ideas

    I love the idea of fans for girls and cigard for men! x
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    where did you see the luggage tags? I really like that idea
  • helz83helz83 Posts: 159
    Hi, Emily May where did you get the luggage tags from? Thats a great idea! I am getting married in Turley next year and need favour inspiration so what a great thread! x
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    We're having fans for the ladies and mini drink bottle for the men....although I'l be giving these out at breakfast as I want the ladies to have the fans for the wedding image So wondering what little things I could get for the table that evening.... anyone any ideas?? xx
  • Hi everyone just received my postcards I ordered from Vistaprint thanking guests for coming, they are fab here they are-

    Not quite sure what to use them for yet, maybe in OOT bags or on tables. xx

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    Oh they're lovely... I wish I was going to your wedding lol x
  • ha ha thank you. xx
  • Hi again mrshigginstobe,

    Gosh ure sooo organised, can u take over mine please lol.

  • hi butterflyrobin, ha ha I know I can't help it think I'm addicted lol.xx
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    MrsH, you and I are exactly the same! I think we may just be the 2 most organised brides ever! I've just ordered my cake topper and wine glass charms today! I am definitely addicted to all things 'wedding' and have no idea what I'll do when its over ! xx
  • Hi blondebride, oh i saw your cake topper but stupid thing kept saying gerror everytime I tride to reply it was lovely where abouts did you get it from? I know its going to be mad when its all over no more organising xx
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    I got it on ebay. There is some great stuff on there for table decs. I just got my wine glass charms for a half the cost of going to an online shop, here they are:

    Mine are going to be pink and crystal though!

    I just got an email from Laura saying the supplier for my roses isn't re-stocking them till January so I'll have a long wait for my flowers! Not to worry though I've still got plenty time and at least I know they're paid for. She'd been great and has sourced another bud to show me but I think I'll stick to the originals. xx
  • Very nice. January that is a long time, they'll be worth the wait though. xx
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    I have the personalised fans for the ladies, a tiffany blue candle with 'something blue' written on the ribbon. The men have pearl cufflinks in a tiffany blue box.
  • I am doing little bags filled with a miniature perfumes / aftershaves....either Calvin Clein or D&G.

    I have brought from Ebay, whenever a listing comes up and I have done all my wedding favours for under £100.00.

    At least they have no excuse for smelling bad!!!!

  • Mrs Higgings I love you lip balms, I was considering pinching your idea but not too sure if the older ladies will apreciate it (I have 6 over 50's...) also loving the wine glass charms, I have those too! LOL! Your wedding is going to be beautiful! x
  • Hi MrsHyland2B, www thank you, yours sounds fab too aren't you having a Mamma Mia type style? He he yes I also have some over 50 only a couple so hopefully they will be okay. The wine glass charms are gorgeous aren't they I was so happy when I got them. xx
  • Hi Ladies,

    There were a few I found in different shapes when I googled them, some plain & some with hearts on etc, here's one of the ones I liked the most. x

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  • hey girls

    i have no idea what im doing for favours..... getting married on a beach so was thinking pair of flip-flops each but sounds bit silly. i love the idea of fans though seem really nice..... any got a list of websites that would be geat.

    happy planning girls


  • i love theses ones there white silk bamboo ones

  • Ohh they are pretty Meg. x
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