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Atlantica Aeneas Resort Cyprus...any info??

Hi All Brides2B,

I am looking to get married in Cyprus in 2011, and i am just looking for the perfect location at the minute. I originally wanted a church wedding and then a reception in the hotel, but have since found out that i cannot marry in a church in Cyprus as they are all Greek Orthodox (well on the east coast) apart from the small chapels in hotel grounds.

So i have found this hotel, love the look of it, and i like the idea of going all inclusive!

Just wondering if anyone has been here or is going to get married here, do you have any info that you could share with me?

Many Thanks. xxxxxx


  • hey, thats where we are getting married!!! Im soooo excited! To get married in the chapel I think you have to be there for ?9days but to get married in hotel grounds its three days-plus there is an extra charge-not sure how much though! We have booked it for July 2010, and have had confirmed date! I honestly can not wait it looks soooo lovely! Ill try and help with bits if I can let me know what you need to find out image
  • It looks soo lovely...congratulations on your wedding.

    Who have you booked it through? Have you booked it through a travel agent, wedding planner or are you doing it yourself?

    Do you know what the prices are like for the wedding breakfast? Do you pay extra if you are all inclusive?

    Can i be cheeky an ask how much on average it is costing you to get married there...i havn't got a clue on prices and stuff etc, as im new to this wedding planning!!

    Im soo excited too, just really want to book somewhere and to be able to start planning it all.


  • Hello Girls

    I went to the Atlantica Aeneas for my friends wedding, they got married at the own hall in Ayia Napa then had the reception back it the hotel it was great.

    Fabulous hotel, pool food etc brilliant.

    Im going to Rhodes on Wednesday and staying at the Atlantica Princess and getting married the following friday.

    Any questions i will try to answer for you !


    Emma :\)
  • Hi,

    I went to have a look when we were on the hunt for a wedding reception venue a month ago. The wedding areas at Aeneas are set up very well, and the staff are very friendly and helpful. The pool is huge! I've stayed at this hotel twice, once for a fortnight three years ago and another time just for a few days . The service has always been very good and the rooms very clean.

    We have decided to go for another area, as logistically it makes more sense for us. Best wishes with your planning!

  • We've done it all through Thomsons - we're still at the early stages yet - booked the holiday for July 2010 and had the date confirmed!!! The wedding package cost £850 on top of the holiday (I think by the way, that the Atlantica is a First Choice / Thomson exculsive) and it includes the paperwork, registrar, wedding at the hotel including paperwork, basic flowers and cake and a wedding coordinator at the resort. For us it's been so far so good - the wedding team needed a bit of prodding to get things rolling, but the girl in the high street shop has been a star so far!

    What I would say is don't use the Thomson wedding package if you're a proactive bride! Once you have the date, you don't do much planning until you get to the resort - then you have a couple of busy days with the coordinator! I'm in my last year of a course this year, so it suits me perfectly being able to leave it to the last minute and have someone else help out!

    If you want to be hands on, you can arrange your own weddings at the resort, a few brides on here rave about Kerry at the Aisle of Love.

    How much planning have you done so far? Keep me posted as to how it goes!
  • Hey MRSFW2B!

    We are not getting married there as we really didn't want a hotel wedding but are staying there next year. I got sent loads of info about the hotel when we originally started arranging things. Email me using my email button and I can send you some info/menus/prices over so you can get a better idea of how much things cost. x
  • hi deedee82-would it be possible to send it to me too pretty please image
  • Reedemm, Congratulations on your wedding, i hope you have a fab time.

    Mcaplinetobe, i have been into Thompsons today to get some brochures and have a nosey, havn't done anything at all yet, apart from pick the colour theme which is going to be Coral...i think!! I will most prob change my mind tho!! ha ha ha. I cant book it until April next year tho!! My mum and dad have apartments in Cyprus and my auntie lives in Paralimni and she knows a wedding planner out there, so im hoping that i can have a few trips over before the wedding to get things sorted. My mum is over there at the min, so im going to get her to go to the hotel and take some pic's for me, so i will let you know when she is back with them.

    Are you getting married in the chapel or the hotel grounds?

    Oooh im getting really really excited now...and its ages away image

    How are you getting on with your planning? Are you taking things with you to add to the wedding package?

    DeeDee82, thank you soo much that would be fab!!


  • im sooo excited! I havent done much to be honest, i will prob take artificial flowers so i dont have to pay extra for upgrades! Not decided on a theme either yet! As far as the dress im desperate to lose a few punds before I even touch the shops!!! LOL at this rate I wont have much by next July! Thats great that you have connections out there, you will get all the best bargains! Good luck with everything, Im getting married at the hotel grounds, but I think it suits us!!! Im not overly fussy gal, I JUST WANT TO BE MARRIED!!!! Eeeeeek I seriously can not wait though!
  • MCALPINETOBE ~ Can you hit my email button so I can email you the info. x

    MrsFW2B ~ You've got mail. x
  • Thank you so much. xxx
  • Thank you!!!! image
  • Im getting married in May 13 at the Atlantica Aenea, but want to have my wedding reception else where, am i able to get the Pelican Taverna or Rondavel Beach Tavern (of is that spacifically for Nissi Beach Hotel?)

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