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Malcesine Brides - Great News

The 2007 photo's are now starting to appear on the web image


  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    hi thanks for letting us know. bythe way, was just wondering whether you are planning a honeymoon after your wedding? we are but can't decide where to go as it will be October time. ah well, will keep thinking! hope you are ok

  • I love looking at other peoples pictures from Malcesine as it helps you imagine it more. The good news is all the ones I saw taken in June last year had good weather image

    We are having a honeymoon but we are staying in Italy as its in June the weather should be nice not sure what the weather is like in Oct but you can always fly off somewhere else from there if you fancy somewhere hotter.

    Hope your plans are coming together we only have 72 days to go now and we bought a house the other day and think we will be moving the week before we fly out, good job I love planning and stress image
  • melanierice1melanierice1 Posts: 1,966
    Ooh - how exciting - new pics to look at!!

    We're going to Sorrento after our wedding for a short break then are having our proper honeymoon over New Year (we're currently thinking about New York and St Lucia but change our minds on a daily basis!!!)
  • RAGDOLLukRAGDOLLuk Posts: 33
    We might be going to sardinia for ours (we also keep changing our minds though). Sardinia has gorgeous beaches and great food, Tuscanny has some fabulous Spas and we have a wedding guest who is jumpng on a flight to Greece/Cyprus after our wedding in LG.

    I can highly reccommend New York at New Year. We were last there last year and it was amazing!! Apparently it can get really cold so I took huge winter coats etc, to discover it was the hottest New Year on record. Went out in a jumper most days. You will have loads of fantastic (and unusual) stories to tell, and people are really friendly. I love Christmas and it was gorgeous and festive. You can also take great pics and copy them into 'coffee table' book as a honeymoon keepsake.

  • Just thought I'd share this with you Italian brides.......

    H2b is at Old Trafford so I have done my hair, put make up on and my dress, shoes, necklace etc very excitied as it all looked better than what I thought it would image

    My dress fitting is on 12th May and I only have 57 days to go, it just needs taking up as I am only short my bm will tower above me. We'll look really funny together I am a size 18 and 5ft 2" and only do about 1" heels she is a size 8 and 5ft 8" and will no doubt be wearing 3" heels image but hey if we were all the same the world would be very boring.

    Me and h2b are also in the process of buying our first house together so we are going to have a hectic few weeks from May onwards fortunatley I look organising etc h2b is already moaning that front room looks empty and its 5 weeks until we move. image

  • melanierice1melanierice1 Posts: 1,966
    Phew - you've definitely got a busy few weeks coming up debtowed. Just make sure you make time for yourself and don't get too stressed out.

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