Bad service from Angels Accents

Hiya, in case anyone may be thinking of using Angel, just a word of warning!

My flowers were all packaged well apart from the bouquet, which only had tissue paper around it. Inevitably, it got damaged, i.e. a flower totally fell out, bits were hanging down. The flowers were glued in rather than wired, and on Natural Touch flowers, glue doesn't hold well, as the flowers have a waxy coating. Therefore there was glue unattached all over the bouquet. The ends of the stems were very uneven.

I've made contact with Angel several times, and she's been very unsympathetic about the situation, blaming the shipping process rather than her workmanship and packaging.

I've had to pay to have the bouquet remade by someone local to me, with a week to go I could have done without this.

So just be careful, if you're thinking of ordering!! xx


  • We offered to send a new bouquet upon receiving the return tracking information. This bride wanted to keep this bouquet as well as receive a brand new bouquet.  No company does this without questions.  We were told the bride could not afford to send it back.  We have packing photos showing there were packaged properly and no uneven stems and "unattached glue".

    We have created this design many times with no complaints.  Interesteing how other information from the client was also left out.


  • Why are you responding nearly 4 years later? Hmmm 

  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842

    I think you have damaged your reputation more by dragging up an old post that no one would of seen otherwise! 

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417

    I was going to say... I have ordered stuff that's been badly packed and damaged before and have received a new one no questions asked without having to send the damaged item back. Many companies do this to retain customers and protect their reputation! 

    Agree MrsH - have never seen this thread before but would avoid this company now!

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