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Hi, Im new to this chat stuff, but Ive got a dilemma and Im hoping someone can give me some tips!

Im getting married next June at St Pauls Bay in Rhodes, and we're having 4 little flower girls.Obviously I wont be walking down an aisle, so Im a bit stuck as to what 'important' jobs I can give the girls - we really want them to be involved, and not just pretty faces on the photos!

Any tips??!!


  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241

    I'm hoping to give all the ladies paper fans as it will be very hot, so I am going to ask my flower girl to hand them out to all the ladies at the venue for the wedding. Also I may have a page boy, but I thought I'd get him to hand out sweets after. They could even be incharge of blowing bubbles instead of confetti

    Hope these give you some ideas.


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  • If you are allowed confetti where you are getting married, you coul dgive the flower girls small baskets illed with rose petals for them to hand out to the guests when the time is right...also saves on costs as you won't need to buy them bouquets!
  • at my cousins wedding in italy the flower girls handed out sugared almonds for guests to nibble on while photos of the pair where being taken in the grounds of the church. gives them something to do instead of hanging around waiting for the photo's to be taken
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