Wedding Planners in Corfu?

Hi ladies,

is ayone using or has used a wedding planner in Corfu? I'm struggling to find any on the internet?!?

Also, where are you getting/got married? any suggestions or venues to avoid?


Ellen x


  • Hi Ellen,

    I'm getting married in Corfu next year and I've gone with Corfu Dream Weddings, Sylvia is lovely and a real help, I've asked her so many questions she must hate me!! But she's answered all of them thoroughly!!

    We're getting married in Corfu Town Hall. Where were you thinking of?

  • I'm thinking of the Town Hall as well. I've emailed Corfu Dream Weddings a few days ago but I havent had a reply as yet. Do you have some info about them that you could send me? where are you having your reception??
  • They are a bit slow at responding, I think it was a week before I got a reply at first. I'll email you some info.

    Well we haven't booked our reception yet as our plans keep changing! I am only using the wedding planner for all the things I can't really do myself i.e. booking the Town Hall etc. We're going to take everyone on a boat up to the north east of the island to Kalami for the reception.

    When are you getting married there? I'm really surprised there are no other Corfu brides on here!!

  • thats brilliant, thanks image

    only just started planing really.. hopefully we will be getting married in June 2012. Would have been sooner but we have just bought a house as well!

    did you find it hard finding information on weddings in Corfu? Id love to get married there as it was where we had our first holiday together image

    when do you get married?

    that sounds lovely about the boat! might have to steal that idea from you hehe I've seen a place called The Sailing Club which is right on the water and is part of the old fortress i think.. looks lovely image

    how many guests are you having?
  • maggi68maggi68 Posts: 166

    Sorry to bring up an old post but I just wondered if you had used the services of Corfu Dream Weddings for you wedding in 2012? We have contacted them regarding our wedding next year. We can't find the 'corfu dream weddings' website or details but we did find 'Corfu Dreams' which is an event planner and the same company I presume?

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