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Cameo Island - Help

Hi Girls,

Are any of you getting married on Cameo Island in Zante? I booked with Ionian Weddings a few months ago and have been really excited about it.

The thing that was really important to me was that the ceremony and reception were all in the same venue. My fiance and I dont really want a formal wedding so that's why we chose to go abroad, so the fact that cameo island offered a BBQ for the meal/reception made it even more appealing.

Anyway now to my dilemma, I've been emailing Ionian Weddings to ask for pictures of the reception so I can see what the tables look like etc, so I can think about how to dress them. They have just told me they think I should go elsewhere for the reception and that cameo isn't really recommended for the reception/meal and that it will be cold at night. They advertise it quite blatently as a package to have the reception there, and that is what we booked and now I dont know what to do. I appreciate that going to a restaurant would be lovely, but it's not what we wanted and I think if we cant have the whole thing on Cameo then I dont want to get married there at all. But we've paid our deposit so dont know what to do.



  • hi have you thought about staying in a villa and getting married there. I might use Ionian weddings to get married in Kefalonia, I want to stay in a villa and have a chilled out reception there. You could use Ionian weddings to sort that out without loosing depsoit. Good luck
  • Hi Wardy2be,

    I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma image That's awful of Ionian to turn around and say that, AFTER you have booked with them and started making plans. I remember speaking to them a while back, and they did say that it would be a basic BBQ reception, which is why I decided to have it elsewhere because I wanted more choice. But initally, I really wanted the reception on cameo. What date is your wedding? Because I'm sure it doesn't get that cold at night normally during the wedding season.

    They advertise it as a perfect package, so if you do decide to change plans completey, I'm sure they will refund you the deposit. It sounds like they misled you in the first place. Unless they just found out the information?? Regardless, if you are not happy, let them know and force them to fix it. If they can't, demand a refund and look elsewhere... You shouldn't have to settle for anything less than what you really want. This day will only happen once in your life, so make sure it goes how you want it!

    Perhaps look for a beach side hotel wedding reception? Hotels have a lot to offer too!
  • We got married 2 weeks ago in Zakynthos, we got married in Kypseli, and had the reception at the Vardiola which is all in the same place. We used Ionian weddings, and were offered the Cameo package, but were totally put off by the bridge!! The wedding the day before us, got completely soaked as it was so wet & windy but they wouldn't budge and insisted on cameo, so got soaked walking there. Kypseli is gorgeous, feel free to message me if you want to see pictures of that. We ended up with the meal inside due to the rain (although it had stopped, it was still wet!!) also look at for pictures, once in Zante, Frances is your wedding planner so check her site too.
  • Hi Wardy2be,

    I also have booked cameo island for the ceremony and reception. My date is 08/09/10. and I have been informed the weather there is still warm at that time of the year! However nothing is set in stone so wedding insurance is paramount!

    When ur date set for?

    I'm not with Ionian but have gone directly to Frances ( She has been extremely helpful and her communication has been admirable given the amount of weddings she has during the season.

    If u go to this link you can have a look at past weather prospects and locations for your special day.

    I also have some pictures that I attached to another forum with cameo island/zante brides on here. (think u were on it).

    It is possible to have linened tables etc. However, if its in ur budget get yourself over 6mth b4 the day to organise layout etc. Thats what we're doing.

    Best wishes and don't worry......xXx
  • Im geting married on cameo and met with Frances from zante-weddings last week whilst on holiday, she is really helpful and offers the whole day package for Cameo, we are just having the ceremony there and then our reception at Venus Hotel Kalamaki, cant wait!!
  • Hi Fitzy how did you find Ionian weddings Im thinking of using them would love to see how you found them
  • Thanks so much for your advice. I emailed them back to say how upset we are about it. My fianc???? is going to phone them to sort it as I think if I did I'd get too upset and end up saying something stupid. I wish we'd gone with frances. We went to Zante in may and spoke to her and she was so helpful. So my advice to anyone is cut out the middle man and go directly to frances

  • Hi Wardy2be,

    Any news from Ionian? I hope they have been helpful...
  • Hiya,

    I spoke to them and fingers crossed it's all sorted. I think he had concerns that I had the impression we could have a full blown proper meal there. But once we chatted and he realised that i dont and that I'm happy with a bbq everything seems to be ok.

    Everything seems to be going much better this week, got the bridesmaids dresses and booked the flights . So much happier now!!

    Thanks again for all your help

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