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help with cyprus wedding

Hey there,

Well this is my first time using this so here goes.

Im looking to get married in capo bay hotel cyprus in 2011 and im confused as the best way to go about it.

Ive been told to book the wedding all through the travel agent, who happens to be my sister, just incase anything happens like company going bust etc.

But i have been recommend aphridite wedding planners to do it all and just book the holiday thorough the agent. The thing is extra costs keep apearing uo with the wedding planner orgaising it, like a feww to be married in the hotel which doesnt go towards the the meal and they cant tell me how much this is.

Has anyone got any tips or ideas on what to do?

Im on a budget and this is why i need to know all the costs.

If i do it all thorough the travel agent does there wedding planner do flower arrangements etc?

Sorry for the long mail but im a very confused bride to be.

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  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    I'm with Aphrodite and so far they have been wonderful. The fee that the hotel charges is basically to cover the use of their facilities for your ceremony, if you go to Aphrodite website it will tell you the fees for all the hotels, some are free if you are staying at the hotel though.

    As far as the flowers etc go, you can choose which package best suits your budget and either add n extras from the "pick n mix" selection or do what alot of people are doing and buy real touch flowers here to bring over with you. If you email Aphrodite they will send details of all the packages and prices that they have, I really can't recommend them enough.

    Another thing is alot of brides to be on here have had serious problems when booking through agents, I'm sure some will reply to you and tell you their experience but on the whole it seems travel agents just don't give wedding arrangements the prioirity that they need.

    Here's the link for Aphrodite for you to have a look at:

    Hope that helps, anymore questions just drop me an email and I'll try and help x
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    Please dont book ure wedding, ure big day thru a travel agent!

    Book ure flights and accom ureself or perhaps thru an egent then ure wedding thru a planner!

    For that side of the Island I have been told Aphrodite and Isle of Love r fab! x
  • Hey hun,

    Could agree more about booking your wedding with the travel agents. There are so many brides on here who have cancelled and continued on their own also they never seam to find out their dates.

    We have booked everything ourselves for next year and we know all the important things already

    We are getting married at Nissi beach at 4:00pm

    Our photographer is Costas Kyriakides and our DVD is being done by his wife

    We are having our reception at a local taverna in Paralimni that we know well and I know what my flowers and cake will be.

    With the travel agents you don't find out any of that until you are there

    or maybe I'm just a control freek image haha

    anywhoo good luck hun xx
  • Again, I wouldn't book my wedding through a travel agent, they appear cheaper but have loads of extras and I think its awful you don't find out your date until you're there pretty much. We used an independant company for our Greek wedding and they were great!!
  • Hi there,

    Im just back from Cyprus 2 days ago, having planned my wedding for October 2010. We're getting married in Coral Bay Resort - absolutely beautiful! Anyway, I should mention that my parents live out in Cyprus and I was going to go through a travel agent but have since found that the extra costs added on are phenomonal! And, of course, you're going to pay them because you want you're big day to be perfect but they're usually not added on til you get out there!

    Here's an example of what I found - I was looking at a particular 5 star hotel in Paphos and they're whole wedding package (ceremony, reception, flowers, cake, transport, photography etc) was priced at 10, 285 euros and I though ok! But to see what kind of deal I was getting, I spent the rest of my holiday researching prices independently and I now have my wedding planned and organised for just short of 3000 euro with everything they were offering and better! It's who you know over there. If you have the time and money - get over there and plan it yourself!

    Good luck and congrats! ximage
  • sbrowniesbrownie Posts: 117
    Hi Ya I'm a Cyprus DIY bride. You can do alot by looking around and get loads of tips of here. We went for Nissi Beach hotel in the end. Which I fell in love with straight away. We also like the Grecin sands though and Adams beach. There are some lovely hotels to choose from. We are having our DVD though who have been fabulous they have Show Reels on line so you can see exactly what its like. I'm havin my hair done at the hotel and will get flowers sorted when we are out there. We are taing our own decorations too. Good Luck Sarah
  • Hi all,

    Thanks so much for all your replys, its now made up my mind as to use the wedding planner.

    Think i will defo look into doing some of the things myself as the prices i have seen are a bit expensive. really want a piper at the wedding to feel at home a bit but they seam very pricey over there, if anyone knows a good piper please let me know lol..

    thanks again and congrats to you all to.


  • Hi again,

    As mentioned before, Im getting married in cyprus next year and Im hoping to get a piper. My Mum knows of this guy in Paphos, very popular - The Cyprus Piper: Mobile: (00357) 99178638. Email: [email protected] Website:

    Hope that helps. xx
  • Hi again,

    Thank you so muc, i will defo look into this.

    Thanks again

  • Hi, we came back from Cyprus on Sunday 11th October after getting married at The Golden Coast Hotel, Protaras. We booked ours through a travel agent who actually got married at capo bay a few years ago and was very helpful but everybody's experience is different. Trip advisor is also a good site to use as you can't beat real peoples reviews. We had the minimum package that first choice offered, and organised our own photographer and hairstylist, I also had flowers made at home and took them with me, as we found you get stung on all the extras. I can recommend an excellent photographer - Carmen Tyler who is amazing and a great hairstylist called Helen at Haircraft who collects you and drops you back off afterwards, she also has a barber there who does men's wet shaves for there bit of pampering as its there day also. It depends how long you are going for and what exactly you want, as you have meetings with all these people once you are there and can eat into your holiday a little if your only there a short time. For peace of mind I personally would use a travel agent or wedding planner from the Island and go from there as they tell you what is included in each package and for what price, that way you can organise the rest yourself. As for the your wedding date we were told ours quite early on and it never changed other than when we got there we found out the time had changed by half an hour, which wasn't particulary a problem. We also organised our wedding reception as your eating in the hotel evey night and wanted something different. We went to a greek taverna over the road from the hotel and it was brilliant, having a reception on a boat would be great but alot depends on money. You have plenty of time to decide what kind of things you want on your day, have a good look around and check the sites, people are a great help.

    Good Luck

    Julie and Lloyd
  • Jess83ukJess83uk Posts: 402
    Do not book your wedding through a travel agent.

    Some of the horror stories on here are horendous.

    Book your flights/accomodation etc through a travel agent but anything wedding related either do through a wedding planner or book directly with the venue yourself.
  • hi, please do not book wedding through a travel agent. you will have better assistance with hotel wedding coordinator. also ask how many weddings per day in hotel, many do 2-4 so do you want to share your day with others. look at everything. email me if you would like more information.
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    Yes thats the same piper I have heard of - good luck and let us know where and what you decide for your wedding x
  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074

    This is a link to or wedding report in Cyprus.

    I got married in Cyprus in May and it was wonderful. I used Kerry form aisle of love ([email protected]) as our planner and she was absolutely brilliant!! I couldnt recommned her highly enough. I found her on this forum - lots of brides had recommneded her. We had a wonderful day!

    Email me if you want any more info.

    Happy planning! Nikki x
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