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Anyone else getting malta?

I am getting married in malta nxt year and and I would like to hear from anyone about there experiances with planning etc so far. Like flowers cake etc


  • alexiaukalexiauk Posts: 255
    hey I'm from malta .. can help you out if you like with tips and stuff image I'm getting married in april 07, when are you here ? its a wicked place with great weather, chances of rain are very minimal! my cousin got married in december and was sunny as ever! we all took of our suit jackets and ended up in short sleeves! let me know if you need help!
  • xxsharonxxukxxsharonxxuk Posts: 391
    im goin on honeymoon in malta would be good if some1 could tell me what its like and what there is 2 do there we r goin to st juilians
  • mookowukmookowuk Posts: 61
    Hi, I'm getting married in Malta next year too, what month? We're getting married on 25 May 2007. Am soo excited. We went out there at the end of May this year and it is a fantastic place, we absolutely loved it. Planning is going really well, we've found a 'wedding co-ordinator' who is just fantastic, he is English and his wife is Maltese. We met up with them whilst we were out there this year and he took us to see places where we could get married and that sort of thing, as he finds out what sort of budget and the basics of what we wanted beforehand. We were very lucky as the we were out there he had an actual wedding so we got to see the room all set up with flowers and that sort of thing. If you are interested, their website address is The only thing we have left to sort out really is hair, make-up, flowers and menu. We have found that loads of things are loads cheaper out there too, but is still pretty much the same sort of thing as it would be back in the UK, such as flowers (bride, groom, 2 bridesmaids, button holes, table etc) £150.00!!

    Have you / are you planning on going to Malta to have a scout around, seriously recommend that you do.

  • mrevansandmemrevansandme Posts: 282
    hi thanks for the replys . We fly out on 24th july 07 but are getting married on the 1st 2nd 3rd august (confirmed on arrival) I have never been to malta brfore but everyone says how peaceful it is so it sounds like heaven! We dont know much about our wedding and thats the only downside we dont know what choice of flowers or cajke there is or what sort of transport is available for the day. all we really know is that we have chosen the parraizo pallazo as the venue which is a 19th century palace. Does anyone know how far this is from salina bay?[color=indigo I wish we had gone through a company like dream days instead of first chioce not only is it cheaper they seem to give you more information on whats available. I really want a horse and carraige but first choice just keep saying they dont have the info over here etc

    cheers gemma
  • alexiaukalexiauk Posts: 255
    Hi! first thing Malta is very small, so every where is very close to each other, you can get from one part of the island to the other in 45 minutes (with traffic!) I suggest renting a car as traffic and heat in summer can be annoying and busses are horrible..

    palazzo parisio is great! I've had many weddings there, their gardens are beautiful! and the caterers who take care of it are very good too!

    lanaismom- for your hourse and carriage, can't you step away from first choice for a couple of things? if you like tell me more and I'll suggest places ect .. at the end ofthe day - I live here hehe and I'm planning my wedding too! image August might be a little hot though for a horse .. its 33 degrees all through summer here .. but the sea is great and only 5 minutes away from everywhere!

    Its true everything is a lot cheaper here .. so you can manange to get more done!!

    st julians is very cool, with loads of good restaurants and the bay that goes around it. It all depends on what you want to do here, like I said everywhere is very close so ..

    Ps - salina bay is 10 minutes away by car from palazzo parisio! (just up a long road!) hehe

    let me know if you need more help!
  • mrevansandmemrevansandme Posts: 282
    Lex thanks for the info .

    Are wedding cars easily available then? also what are the flowers that are available in august do you think I will be able to get hold of white roses and white lilys over there? and can you tell me more about what happens in the ceromony at the pallazo please . The lack of info here is just terrible nobody knows anything . When we booked we were told the photographer would be about £350 for 40 photos but when all the paperwork came through it said it was £600 so we just dont know what to budget fo it,



    p.s Where are you getting married in malta
  • alexiaukalexiauk Posts: 255
    cars are easy to get, go on they seem to have the best cars .. image

    coming to think about it you should browse you'll get loads of info there about maltese weddings and services.

    not sure about the flowers but I'll ask around

    600 for photography is a bit much, we've just booked ours and its coming to around 750stg for 150 photos! and shes one of the best..

    palazzo parisio, typical maltese weddings are big and standing or dinners. the gardens are big and beautiful, and inside is great too! the catering us usually very very good too. infact we are getting married in another villa with the same caterers.

    what type of wedding will it be? church then reception or all there ?

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  • mrevansandmemrevansandme Posts: 282
    Hi thanks for the link seems much cheaper we are getting married in the palazzo not sure yet of all the other details the holiday company is sorting it out for us but they just dont give us the info. Do you know what room we will actually get married in inside the pallazo? I have looked on the website and it all look fantastic but it doesnt tell me where it will take place
  • alexiaukalexiauk Posts: 255
    hi again

    not sure what room you'd be in if not be in the garden (unless you asked for a room specifically) the ballroom upstairs is beautifull .. and has a lovely terrace too. (especially for those who smoke)

    i would go through the vendor list on the site as there is loads and thats pretty much it really with malta and vendors as we are so small..

    if i were you i would call palazzo parisio as they would definately know the date you are getting married .. not very usual to book 3 days in one go and notify you at the last minute .. they would most probably know .. that would make things so much easier for you in booking hair dresser etc cars etc ...

    let me know if you need anything else image
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