Anyone having a black & white theme for wedding abroad?

Hi Ladies,

Having a bit of a dillema with my colour scheme at the moment, I was always set on Gold and Ivory but I can't find affordable bridesmaid dresses in the right shade and although there is still time (wedding is in May) I need a plan B.

I was considering a Black and White/ Ivory theme instead - do you think this would be ok for my cyprus wedding?

The venues are very traditional and I really wanted a vintage theme for the whole wedding but as this might not be possible, could black and white work?

Any opinions/ suggestions welcome, this is the first problem I've had with the whole wedding planning



  • mojo2001mojo2001 Posts: 3,511
    hi im getting married in turkey and im having a black white and red colour theme
  • Hi,

    I am getting married in Cuba in April and having a black and white theme with hot pink.

    Confetti has got some great ideas for a black and white theme!

  • stewarty1stewarty1 Posts: 101

    I am getting married in Cyprus in july 2010 and thats my theme aswell black.white, god i really did think im i mad as my BMs will be toasting with the heat but the dresses are stunning and they are happy im happy...Im using black fans and a favour for ladies and not sure yet for men...

    Love to hear your ideas

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