Who is wearing a BIG/HEAVY wedding dress in a hot place???

Hello all

I was wondering am i the only nutter wearing a big(ish) dress in a really hot place (Thailand mid feb) i have still not 100% chosen mine but i do love 5 of ian stuart dresses and none of them are small at all.

i have tried on the "typical" destination dresses and me moh and mum said there dont look right and there just not me.... the bigger the dress the better i look in it lol.

this is my fav at the mo...... (ps i hate the pic of it on the model but shop would not allow pics)

would love u girls to post ur big dresses .....


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  • sarahbubssarahbubs Posts: 1,049
    Hi Meg

    Yes im also wearing a bigish dress and im getting married in Rhodes in May.



  • meeee although not anywher hot lol! i'm loving your dresses ladies! x x

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  • sarahbubssarahbubs Posts: 1,049
    your dresses are love;y, how do you upload the pics? x
  • 2beemrsg ...

    1. they need to be on the internt not on ur pc. if they are just upload them to flickr or some other picture website.

    2. right click on the pic and select "copy img url" then come back to the post and paste it.

    3. highlight the link u have pasted and press the img button

    4. then submit and ur pic will in the post


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  • sarahbubssarahbubs Posts: 1,049
    Thanks Meg i will give this a try xx
  • My dress is a similar size to the one in the first picture.... so I hop the NY weather isn't too hot!!!
  • Meeeeeee!!!

    My dress is quite bigish & were going to Mexico :\)

    I think you only do this once so you should have what ever dress you want no matter what the weather :\)

    This is mine..

  • there u go nikki01489..... the img need to be in small letters xxx

  • i LOVE big dresses! and nikki01489 i love it. i was talking to my moh and taking the mick saying im going to get botox in my armpits to stop me sweating i think will will need it haha. i totally agree with u. u need to find a dress for u not ur destination.... but ask me that again after a have worn it and i may change my mind haha x
  • meg29 thank you for that image

    I too LOVE the big dresses, they are not for everyone tho.

    Mine is made by a designer in australia & the bodice if made of silk which it suppose to be breathable... all this should help me not be too hot... but like you ask me once ive had it on for hours, posing, drinking, dancing lol

  • It's not as big as some of yours but its enough in a hot country....

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  • this will sound crazy but the dress i love feels cooler then some of the "slinky" ones i tried. i was shocked and confused how and why lol xx
  • Me too i'm wering a big dress and getting married in Mexico....i cant wait!
  • KCBukKCBuk Posts: 108
    Yep, me too! Getting married in Jamaica, average temp currently 30 degrees....


  • Tinxfoowinkle, That Maggie Sottero Cassia is absolutely stunning! I tried it on thinking it was the one but it didnt look good with my recent baby weight!

    Tinkerbell, That's my dress too! I love it so much! Talk about going from one style to the other! I totally changed my mind when I saw that dress but was scared I was going to look like a marshmallow - did you ever have those thoughts!

    Anyway, sorry for hijacking the thread, Im getting married in Cyprus in October 2010 and I am going to roast in my dress but hopefully I'll shed loads of weight and be thin for my reception in Scotland 2 weeks later! image
  • YAY your the first bride to have my dress as well!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to sweat like a pig in May HAHAHA but who cares I'll look good!! I didnt worry about looking like a marshmallow, lol, i tried on about 7 dresses and the 3 girls I were with all sais my face said which one I liked best and it was the 1st one I tried on....the ronald joyce one image
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    Getting married in September in Seville and wearing Diana by Constantina-but the wedding isnt till 8pm so a tad cooler!
  • Jess83ukJess83uk Posts: 402
    Mine is not really that big, but it is very heavy.

    It is very fitted and made of heavy lace so I am worried that I will absolutely swelter in the Cypriot heat.

  • hewsy11hewsy11 Posts: 246
    I'm getting married in Greece in August so it will be very hot, I had my heart set on a Big dress by Ian Stuart but when I tried on DELFIN by PRONOVIAS I had to have it. It's not big but it has three layers of fabric (2 of lace) and the whole dress in beaded. Its beautiful. You should wear what you want on your wedding day wether its a meringue or a bikini.
  • Cassie1978Cassie1978 Posts: 1,732
    Hey Ladies,

    I cannot work out how to upload the picture, but I am having this dress, (bargain from EBay & I love it): -


    I am getting married in St Lucia in July........can't wait!

  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    Hey jess83 i love that pronovias dress!i kept the ok magazine with natasha's wedding for inspiration(years ago now!!haha)-and diana is very similar-lace and heavy!!
  • Jess83ukJess83uk Posts: 402
    Hey jess83 i love that pronovias dress!i kept the ok magazine with natasha's wedding for inspiration(years ago now!!haha)-and diana is very similar-lace and heavy!!

    OMG! That's exactly what I did!

    I saw her wedding in OK magazine and kept it as I fell so in love with the dress (I wasn't even engaged then)

    Once I got engaged I called every Pronovias stockist in the UK and it had been discontinued, but could still get it from Barcelona, but only for another 2 months, so I ordered and payed for it and I had never even seen it apart from in OK and on the internet.

    It's been deluvered now and is more perfect than I could ever have imagined :\)
  • jess83 i know what u mean about the lace being hot my dress is lighter then a vert slinky lace dress.

    its stunning dress xxx

    keep em coming girls xx
  • 0710bride0710bride Posts: 792
    Hi girls, my dress isn't too big but still quite big for a wedding in Cyprus & the train is long. It's Dior by Constantina x

  • Doesn't look that big but it is & heavy.....although getting married in the UK (July) not so hot here lol

  • this is mine...

    not too big but its heavy enough!

  • good point girls just about it change it to big/heavy dresses as some smaller dresses i tried on where just if not heavier then my big (puffy) one xxx
  • Hey girls,

    I am wearing a BIG dress when i get married in Cyprus in Sept!!! Oh i don't care if it's a bit warm........

    Loving the big dresses!!!

    Laura x

  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    here's mine, not the biggest but it's heavy enough! Getting married in Cyprus in Sept 2012 x

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