Make-up artist recommendations in Tuscany?

Hi all

I was wondering if anyone could recommend any make-up artists in the Tuscany area. We're getting married in September in Volterra which is near San Gmignano. I'm desperate! And roughly - any idea of cost?

Grateful for any advice as I don't know where to start!



  • Hey,

    We're getting married in Tuscany in 2008 and looks like we're going to be using to help us. They provide everything you need including a make-up artist. What you could so them saying you're interested in using their services, and could they possibly put you in touch with previous couples (they'll send you a contact list) and then you can email round the brides. OR you can straight out ask them if they have any contacts for make-up artists. I hope this helps you out, and let me know the details of your wedding-we're currently still looking for the perfect area. Are you having a town hall wedding? x
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    What a great idea - thanks so much for passing that on - really appreciate it!

    Yep, we're getting married in Volterra townhall, which is one of the slightly larger townhalls in Tuscany (holds about 80 people or so). It has quite a lot of pageantry, dates back to about the 13th Century (I think!) and just feels nice without being too formal and over the top - although each to their own! We also looked at Cortona, Certaldo, San Gmignano and Siena which were all gorgeous in their own way but finally settled on Volterra because it could hold the right amount of people. I think Certaldo (or could be getting it confused with Cortona) actually hold ceremonies outdoors in their courtyard which was also a lovely way to do it.

    Let me know if you need any more info!

    Thanks again
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