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Hi B2B

I am getting married next September at the Annabelle Hotel in Paphos and would be really grateful if someone could send me some pictures of their wedding there, i'd just like to know how they set there tables up etc.

Good luck everyone

Aimee xx


  • Hey aims12,

    Im getting married at the Annabelle too! Although not until May 2011 so i dont have any photos of tables as such but my wedding planner send me a powerpoint file of the Annabelle with the different areas in the hotel so if you would like, im happy to send this to you? Let me know hon

  • ahhh here is my reply, (sorry i'm new to this hee hee) if you could send it over i'd be so greatful, i think i may have it aready but unsure, where in the hotel are you getting married? have you been there already? its gorgeous, im sooo happy with it. my email address is (if you can send it to both of the following) [email protected] & [email protected] thank you so much exciting. do you know what type of decorations your having etc?xxxxxxx
  • No worries hon. I'll send it over to both thise addresses shortly. I believe we are getting married on the deck area. H2b and i are going over there in March (which will also be his 30th bday) to meet out wedding planner, nose around the hotel. We saw it when we were over there in June when he proposed but havent actually been insdie so quite excited. Decorations etc not sure yet. I think our wedding planner lady has set aside some of our budget for it but i suppose until we see where the reception will be and how it will work, i dont really know yet. What about you hon? Paphos is gorgeous i must admit - only been there once and fell in love with it! x x
  • MEEEEEE !! Lol !!! Im getting married 22/07/2010 in the decking area.oooh there are 3 of us image xx
  • yeeeeeaaahh, tell me more tell me more,

    you can email me on [email protected] if you'd like so we can compare soo excited, you get married before me which is also great image i can see your pics if you dont mind, xxx
  • We should start a fan club - 'we all love the Annabelle' ok maybe not! Hows you mrssmithjuly? You looked at those piccies yet? x x
  • that email didn't even make sense (i'm far too excited) please somebody calm me down....image

  • ha ha lets start one! x
  • You got mail !! xx

    (I'm such a loser lol)
  • Ok sensible head on - is it a bit scarey that we're all emailing eachother and on here - do we actually have jobs? Oh well, just dont tell the boss shhhh ha ha x x

    Aims - your not a lose i love doing the whoop whoop too! x x WHOOP WHOOP
  • Hi Wifey what date in may 2011 do you get married on? I'm also getting married at the annabelle in may 2011 - my dates the 27th! We are haveing the decked area for the service and the drinks afterwards then we are having the restaurant on the beach - so excited!x
  • Hey leah_v_smith - we get married on 23rd so a few days before you honey! Oh another Annabelle bride 2b whoop whoop x x
  • Can't believe we are so close together - considering there are only a few people getting married there!! Have you booked it direct with the hotel or through a planner? So far we have paid deposit with the hotel and got the date confirmed for the town hall - still looking at photographers currently but thats about all we have done. Have you got anything else organised?x
  • Hi,

    We've gone via a wedding planner - its bad enough trying to plan a wedding here on your own! ha ha. I think everything is pretty much booked but going over in March to sort out a few bits n bobs so just the rest of it, rings, outfits, flights etc etc. If you want to mail me directly hon im happy for you to do that. I think my email button is swtiched on! x
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