I want to know final numbers aaahhh!

Hi everyone,

I am on pins waiting for people to book their holidays.

Our wedding isn't till june so I know I can't say anything yet.

When would it be reasonable to ask for confirmation?

We have to pay for people in blocks of ten so we might be paying for

20 or 30 which makes a big difference to our budget!

Does anyone else feel this way?:\?


  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    I kind of know how you feel, we have had alot of people saying "ooo wedding abroad count us in" but you can never be sure if they really want to go or just being polite (in a weird way..) We are trying to decide who to send save the date cards to, we don't want to leave anyone out that would like to come but we don't want to send them to people and have them think they have to come grrrrr why isn't anything simple!!

    Sorry I have no real advice, just wanted to sympathise with you! x
  • June is a long time away. My wedding is before your and we haven't even got our invites out yet! We sent save the dates and everyone knows.

    There is no real reason why you need to know now is there? I mean there is nothing you can do in the meantime that is essential. It is just your curiosity and wanting to know who will be there. This is totally understandable I know.

    I know there is the budget issue but you can't really start to chase people until after Christmas. I know it is cheaper if they book now but it isn't always feasible.
  • he he i know its just me wanting to know!

    And i know that its too early to pester anyone!

  • Hiya Sarah and Peter.

    We are in the SAME situation. As you know we have the same package for 20 people.... and we have invited 28 people allowing for people to drop out. We've had 2 drop out and another 4 who are just not replying to the invitation or text messages reminding them to rsvp...

    We have 18 confirmed up to now.

    We have put the RSVP date as December and we get married in May. Some people may think this is too early to ask for a reply.....BUT if people cant come then we need to find replacements!! And those people need more than a few months notice image
  • Thats the thing really, we don't mind having 30 people but if we have 21 we still have to pay for 30!

    already I feel like it'd be too late to ask anyone else if people drop out!

    I just want to know about making out of town bags etc and cant really do that until we know how many will come!
  • LisaGs2bELisaGs2bE Posts: 198
    I know exactly how you feel sarahandpeter. I am getting married in May and I have been thinking of when would be a suitable time to ask people to confirm. We have about 20 people already booked but there's alot of people that are saying they need to see if they can afford it nearer the time. I think after christmas I will start asking people for a yes or a no as I think they should know by then if they can afford it or get the holidays etc. I know what you mean though, I feel as if I can't get on with planning things until I know how many guests i am going to have.
  • I think I might ask for definite yes or nos in Feb!
  • evedaviesevedavies Posts: 193
    Hey! Wer in EXACTLY same situation! Sent our invites out in june askin people to let us know soon as poss if they think they can come (wedding in may) no ones even really bothered to rsvp lol rather annoying as we have the package issue4the boat aswel so need to know for our buget as it makes quite a big difference at how much we need to save! I no we cant chase people up yet, going to wait til after xmas! Weve only had my mum and dad and bro and his girlfriend book others have said they are comming and some just havent replied which i find quite rude actually!! Have to wait and see after xmas is fin what happens!! X
  • tam27uktam27uk Posts: 600

    me too honey

    we booked our wedding off site with a wedding planner, to get the venue we wanted we have had to pay for a minimium of 30 people. no probs we thought we had loads saying they were defo coming but so far only 10 have booked!

    bugger it more food and dance floor for me!!!

  • I totally no how you all feel my wedding was booked last october i get married on the 30h of december 2009 i have had 4 guests say one minute yes and then one minute no i had in total 20 booked to come to the wedding and then last week the 4 who couldn't ever give me a definite answer even after they had booked cancelled their holiday due to credit crunch which stressed me out. I understand the credit crunch being an issue but even from last october i never felt they really would come. You need to no as soon as you can because in my case when i was looking at places for a reception after the ceremony the venues required you to have a certain amount of people in order to book and non refundable deposits for each person. also i had limos booked for guests which cost money its all the little extras you need to book.

    I have had my moan really stressed fed up of guests not taking my wedding seriously.
  • I'm glad you all feel my pain!!

    Its just a nuisance especially like you said evedavies that people haven't even acknowledged the invite!

    People don't seem to realise how much heartache a guestlist causes - especially for a small wedding!

    We thought we wouldn't have any trouble doing it abroad, but it seems that weddings cause these hiccups wherever they are!
  • Hi, I have been moaning about this latley to H2b!! We get married in may, we sent invites out early July, so far had 18 have booked, 10 more have sent rsvp's back and about 10 not even acknowledged!!! We need to know for our budget (how much overtime we need to work, lol) and oot bags (thanks to this forum).

    I have spoken to a few people and asked them if they could let us know by the end of the month.

    Fingers crossed they do.
  • GilmoreukGilmoreuk Posts: 178
    Hey girlies

    Im in exactly the same boat as you all. I sent my invites out beginning of August with an rsvp date for beginning of october, simply becasue im doing exams and really wanted to get the reception booked, half of them havnt even acknowledged the invites, others wont know until nearer the time (one person had the cheek to ask me would a month before be ok to let me know?!?!) Others have said they are going but to be honest i know deep down they wont be able to. I have 14 definites, i just want to get it sorted so i can move on and get other things gathered up! So bloody annoying!
  • Hey girls

    I am in the same boat, we have 130 on our guest list (20 of these we think are definite nos and prob up to 20 more)

    We have to pay per person so that makes a big difference to our budget if we have 80 or if we have 110.

    We are sending our invites out currently and have put RSVP for end Feb (we marry start august).

    I think the majority will know by then as will have needed to book flights and hotels cause peak season etc.

    We have about 50 who have booked/ confirmed

  • I know exactly how you all feel.

    We have been given a price based on a minimum of 80 and we have invited 110, but if more than 30 say no, we will invite more people, who will want to have the option of cheap flights.

    The flights go on sale in December, and if someone can't afford it when the flights are still £70 then they defo won't be able to afford it when they're £200!

    To be honest, my guests have more of an issue with how long to come for & kids or no kids rather than money.

    I have put RSVP by 31st December, fingers crossed
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