2 weddings? or just a second reception in england?

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were getting married in cyprus in aug 2010 with 25 guest's coming out with us which is mainly my side of the family and and few mates. im just wondering is it protocal to have a seconmd ceremony when we return or will a party be ok? we dont really want to have to pay out on another wedding and reception when we return if we dont have to. and also if we do just have a party will it be silly of me to wear my dress again? NEED URGENT HELP!!!



  • Just having a welcome home party is totally acceptable (and the norm probably) Wear your dress if you want to hun ! I am xxx
  • My H2Bs sister got married in Cyprus and just had an evening reception at home. She wore her dress. It was great image
  • oh ok, well thats made me feel better,thanks lady's. we were just a bit concerned that family geusts that cant make it to cyprus would feel abit peeved that we havent had a ceremony here. but it cost's so much to do the whole thing again. and you think its fine to wear my dress? GREAT! i was hoping you all would say that :\):\)

  • Loulou i am having a paerty in a pub with a buffet - its costing me a few hundred pounds and inviting every one who isnt coming with us, As of monday we are now having a blessing before that (H2B is Catholic) But not every one does - whatever you feel like ! Defo wear your dress again ! Good luck xx
  • I don't know what the proper protocol is for this, but I think a second ceremony would be wrong. After all you would be married already. So personally I would go just for a party- maybe wear your dress, or use it as an excuse to buy another one :\)!

  • before we decided to marry in cyprus we booked a tudor house for the ceremony oan reception on the 11th sep and paid a large deposit for it so i may talk it over with my h2b and see if we can afford to have a party there that way were not going to loose any money as i still havent got round to sending them a letter. if not i think we would go for a nice pub venue as there usally cheap enough. thanks for your input.
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    Hi Ladies, Slightly different but we are getting married in England with a big dress, the works. My H2B is from New Zealand and we decided that we didn't want to get married again we had only done that 3 weeks before so we are having a party over there with a bit of an afternoon thing in the public gardens. I'm not wearing my dress again i got another one, more of an evening dress in cream, but thats because both were half price or more otherwise i may have taken mine out there still.
  • Most abroad brides have a reception when they get home & wear their outfit again. It's the norm now image
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    I think it would be fine just to have a party for friends and family when you get home. I don't think that anyone would expect another ceremony. We're just having immediate family (7 guests) with us when we have our wedding ceremony abroad and we're not having a party at home at all.
  • I got married in cyprus with only 15 guests, then when we got home we had a big party for the rest of the family, i wore my dress for about an hour 1/2 just for people to see it then i got changed into a party frock while the buffet came out. then i partied all night!

    don't have a second ceremony if you don't want to. my family were thrilled just with a party, i had some wedding photos on a slideshow on a big TV too so people could see them.

  • i think thats what were going to do, its alot of fuss having another ceremony. the slide show of thewedding photo's is a great idea , did you put them on a projector lauren?

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    I've e-maile d you

    Bamba xx
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    You can't have two weddings but you could always get someone to do a blessing or similar at your reception.
  • Hi,

    I was having exactly the same dilemma, we get married July 2010 in Paphos and have approx 50 guests coming over and are having a party in a hall when we get back with approx 250 guests. Part of the reason we were going abroad was due to the MASSIVE families we have and we dint want to do all the usual protocol and wnated something a bit different!

    Although i have noticed one thing is that you cant keep everyone happy. We went for a hall so we could get all our guests in and it would be cheap for everyone for drink etc as they will already have paid a lot to go abroad, but a lot of ppl seemed to think it should be in a hotel. We decided to get caterers as didnt want a poor looking figer buffet and have a greek themed hot buffet so it was in keeping with going aborad although family members then moaned, what if they would like a sandwich!!

    Myself, h2b, bridesmaids, best man, flowergirl and pageboy will all be wearing our outfits again! At first i wasnt too bothered about them having to wear them but i was alwways wearing my dress again any h2b his suit, then the girls asked if they could wear theres again so we just decided we all would! It saves them having to buy another outfit!

    I am now on the problem if we should be cutting a cake or having another "first" dance, as the MIL seems to think we should for all the ppl who werent there to see it but i think its all a bit fake as it isnt our wedding and we are just doing everything again!!!

    Sorry for such a long reply but its reassuring i am not the only one who feels like this! lol

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    H2B and I are having a party when we return from our wedding. I have a lot of cousins and we cannot afford to invite them all, and many would not be able to afford to go abroad and see us get married anyway. Also my H2B's aunt and uncle do not travel now so we wanted them to be a part of the whole celebration. I am going to wear my wedding dress and the lads of the wedding party will wear their tropical shirts and beige trousers so people can see what we were wearing at the wedding. Besides, it is much cheaper to wear my dress again than buy another outfit!
  • What we are doing is having the wedding aroad (Barbados) staying there for 2 weeks in total, and then when we get back, booking a Saturday night somewhere (not yet decided) from like 8pm onwards and having the cake cutting ceremony, all our friends and family, wear our wedding outfits again, a buffet and a dj/singer. That way its a big celebration party of our wedding, everybody gets cake and something to eat and everyone can get pissed and enjoy themselves! Im quite looking forward to it lol only 11 months or so to go!
  • We are having the actual wedding abroad and then a party when we get back to celebrate with everyone that the wedding happened

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    We had this same dilemma when we were planning our wedding - mainly because we were trying to please everyone. We got married at the Elysium Hotel, Paphos last July and had 24 guests. We had an amazing 6pm ceremony and reception. Stayed at the Elysium then moved to our Honeymoon hotel for 2 weeks after that. When we returned it was really exciting because we knew we were getting to celebrate all over again! We had an afternoon tea garden party for all the family and friends that couldn't go to Cyprus and all the other guests we wanted to invole in our special day. We had 106 people in total at a beautiful venue in Bristol - with gardens. We had another photographer and all the bridal party wore their wedding attire again. We arrived and were introduced as Mr and Mrs. My husband did a short speech and then it was a really informal afternoon with a string quartet playing etc, garden games and afternoon tea food with prosecco, corona and tea. We put our Cyprus wedding photos and video of the day on loop on a projector for people to look at if they wanted to. We then cut the cake, people were able to take photos etc and then we left at 7pm to end the day. It was just perfect and for us it worked really well.

    Good luck, just do whatever you feel comfortable doing, remember it is about you two!

    Vikki x
  • We have a date provisionally booked with our local church to have a blessing or celebration of the marriage type ceremony after we get back incase my grandparents can't be there due to their health.

    If we do that then we'll invite people who couldn't come to Cyprus and have a little aprty back at our place. There's no budget for anythign more than that. Thankfully if we need the church there is no charge for anythign other than a donation.

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    We have got around 25 guests coming to Greece next august and we are going to have a party when we get back. Another excuse to wear my beautiful dress..
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    I don't think there is a protocol as such with these things image

    We're having two weddings but I always knew I wanted to have two weddings. I'm having the civil ceremony so the legal side one done in the UK with a drinks reception, 5 course wedding breakfast, evening buffet with disco in a gorgeous country spa hotel for 40 day guests and then two months later we're having a wedding in Mauritius for 160 day guests where we get married in a cathedral (religious side) and then a chinese tea ceremony (cultural side) and then our 10 course chinese wedding banquet in a tropical chinese wedding venue with an evening disco.

    I'm wearing four different dresses (one traditional wedding dress for the day in the UK a slim line chiffon gown for the evening and then in Mauritius another traditional ivory wedding dress for the day and evening with a red chinese dress for one hour in the day for the tea ceremony)

    Both weddings are going to cost us quite a bit of money but I've always wanted to have a big chinese wedding in Mauritius and H2B has always wanted to have a smaller intimate wedding in the UK. Thankfully H2B doesn't want a big one in the UK or it would of cost us an arm and a leg as the UK wedding venue is expensive enough. We didn't want to compromise on the venue and went for the top package as well but we decided to cut down our numbers drastically as a result so hardly any of H2B family has been invited and on my side there is only 10 people but i can't complain as I have 140 guests in Mauritius who are all my family...
  • I'm with you GillySmith3. We too are getting married in Paphos (2nd Aug 2010) and then having a big party when we get back. Like you i've realised that you can't please everybody and at the end of the day have to go with what you want. We're having a big party, hot buffet, photographer, cake and first dance (technically a second first dance! We're all wearing our outfits, and after all the stressing i'm really looking forward to it. Just do what you feel is right - it's your day....(can't believe i've just written that - must listen to my own advice and stop stressing about what other people will think!!!)
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