Past Cypriot brides, your make-up tips please

Hi ladies,

Reaching out to you as would like to know if all of you who have already been married in Cyprus had make-up done?

I am getting increasingly worried about it. I have booked a lady who has come highly recommended on here and elsewhere but would like your feedback on whether you had foundation in the heat, if your make-up stayed on all day/night etc?

Hope I'm not sounding desperate but I'm panicking that I will either look too washed out or too dramatic and would really be unhappy with either as you can imagine.

I'm getting married in June so know it'll be hot! Eeeeek!

Thanks xxx


  • NatynooNatynoo Posts: 62

    I trawled this site and others making my mind up - this was one of the things that convinced me, came from

    Nicky ~

    from cyprus bridal beauty

    Thankyou, you made me look very natural and it lasted all day and night even tho i went paragliding!!!

    Not that I'm planning on going paragliding lol.

    Nats image
  • new-mrsbnew-mrsb Posts: 2,015 New bride
    Hi, i had my make up done and it was a seriously hot day and it was fine, and i dont normally wear foundation but have to say i was glad i had it done properly
  • mandzukmandzuk Posts: 234

    Hi hun, I did my makeup my self, I didn't have any problems, I used a mist spray from body shop before I applied my makeup and afterwards to set it. I didn't have to touch it up at all.

  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254

    mandz u look really amazing, love everything, hair make-up dress! WOW.

    Thing is, i'm quite pale which is why I would like some assistance with it. I have really blonde hair and with my ivory dress dont want to look too washed out but at the same time dont want to have it over the top x
  • new-mrsbnew-mrsb Posts: 2,015 New bride
    I'm very blonde too and on a good day resemble casper the ghost but i was there was there for 8 days before we got married so had a bit of a tan, who have you booked to do your makeup?
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    Karen Hall and Rachel from Renoirs for hair and make-up . . . ?! x
  • mandzukmandzuk Posts: 234

    ButterflyRobin thanks for the lovely comments. I am usually fairly pale, I had 10 days to catch the sun before the wedding!! I say do what is right for you, i wanted control over my own makeup as it is so personal, that said the professionals know what they are doing, maybe take some examples of what you want with you.
  • 0710bride0710bride Posts: 792 New bride
    Karen Hall and Rachel from Renoirs for hair and make-up . . . ?! x

    I am using them for my wedding in July, they are highly recommended by Zucchini's (where I'm getting married) xx
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    ooooooooo thats good news, I know, they have been highly recommended by loads of people. They seem lovely ladies too. Fingers crossed all will go well. I'll let you know when I am back next yr lol

    mandz, no probs, i'm there a week before the big day so hopefully will catch some rays x
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