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Hi all,

Getting wed in France in September 2010. We have a wedding planner who is based in France,mainly becasue she came with the package and because we dont speak french! But she is not very forth coming with contacts etc...we would like fireworks at the wedding, she sent me the name of one company who charge over ???????1000 for a 5 minute display! Have had no flower details yet either. I've tried looking for suppliers myself but I am finding it quiet difficult.

So any past or presnt brides who have/are getting wed in France can you help?? How did you source suppliers!! We are getting wed inthe Loire valley area



  • Hi hun I am also getting married in France in September, the dordogne. We are having the same problems. It's up to you to make the contact so just email as much as you can with questions if you don't like that price ask for some one else. I think they have their preferrred suppliers. Just don't give up ! I am paying mine nearly three grand so I think I am entitled to choice and options. Good luck it's not that easy. I have been collecting as many flower pictures as posssible and have been sending them on to her. Collect as many as you can so they can get an idea! I hope this helps! We are looking for fire poi dancers let me know if you hear of any ? x
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