Change of Venue-Sunrise beach to the Olympic Lagoon!!!!!

Hi All

Just thought i would let you all know that I have changed my wedding venue from the sunrise Beach to the Olympic lagoon for the following reasons:

1- Entertainment is way too expensive and i feel if i have guests travelling thousands of miles to see our wedding we ought to provide some entertainment not just an ipod as in my opinion wont create a good atmosphere

2- Staying over- Me and hubby to be are staying in private villas (where sharing with my parents) and would like to stay at the hotel for the wedding night however the Sunrise says we would have to stay for a min of 4 night and if we wanted to stay in the wedding suite it would be £1,400 we feel this is rediculous also wouldn't want to be away from the family for 4 nights

3- Privacy- We booked the seaview deck as we where told it was quite private however when we have looked at peoples pic there are loungers in the background and also during the ceremony people are watching from their balcony. Might just be me being fussy but i want my ceremony private.

So we have decided to have the ceremony at the olympic Lagoon and reception at The garden of eden.

We can stay at the Olympic lagoon for one night with very reasonable prices and also get guest rates prices on ceremony venue!!

Garden of eden do a reasonable priced menu and also for the cost of the DJ at the Sunrise we can have a DJ and Dancers for less. There is also a park for the kids.

Also Denise at the Sunrise Beach is very difficult to reach i have emailed her a million times and had nothing back. Gaye the wedding planner at the Olympic Lagoon has been fantastic!

Just thought would share this with you if you are still in the process of deciding your venue!

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