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Italy wedding flowers

Hi Ladies, Just a quick question. Wanted to get a rough idea how much you were paying for you wedding flowers?

I've told my planner that I wanted to spend about 500 EUR but she insists that this is not enough. I was under the impression that if I went for simple flowers that I could make some savings here but doesn't sound like I can!

Would really be interested to see what other people had budgeted for!

Thanks a mil!


  • Hi,

    Whats included in your price,is it everything (wedding location,reception etc)? I may be being naive but even 500Eur seems an awful lot to me.

    Im getting married in Italy too and am going to order silk flowers to take out with me and have costed it and it comes to approx £150. My reception are providing flowers for the tables.

    If your planner is pushing you to spend more money than is comfortable for you, you need to tell them what your maximum budget is then its down to them to source everything,after all, it is what you are paying them for! xx
  • LozrodLozrod Posts: 26

    I have been gathering quotes for our Italian wedding next summer (2010) and have been told by four companies that 500 euros will be enough to cover:

    Brides bouquet

    4 x bridesmaids bouquets

    Button holes

    Flowers for tables at reception (30 people sitting down)

    Hope this helps - I dont really want to pay any more than that.

  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Sounds like your planner is pushing you to spend more money than necessary.

    I have gorgeous real touch flowers which I'm taking with me (ordered via who are GREAT!). The rest of the flowers will be organised by my venue in Italy x
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