how to get a new marriage certificate from Paphos

Does anyone know how to get a new marriage certificate from Paphos? We only got married 2 weeks ago and we already need a new certificate! while in the bank changing my name on my account the lady stamped the certificate with the bank stamp by mistake! We need a new one soon as our honeymoon is booked under my married name in December so i need a new passport!!! Been given some phone numbers for the registry office in Paphos but every number we call rings out! If anyone could pleeeease help! Thanks!


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    have you tried ringing the cyprus embassy in england?

    they may be able to do a certified one for you?

    oh and ask the bank to pay for the extra copy!
  • no not tried there didnt know there was one? will i find the number for their on google?
  • When were you ringing - it was bank holiday here yesterday so no one would have been at work.

    Office of Civil Wedding in Pafos Municipality tel. 26822350 / 3,

    Fax. 26822364 and e-mail [email protected]

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