Nissi Beach Brides


i think we've decided to go for nissi beach! but before i book just wanted to know if anyone else has got married here? opinions of it and piccies if poss!

going for june 2011

lots of love xxxxximage


  • I am not getting married in Nissi Beach but my SIL2B did last year and the wedding was lovely. We had a lovely day and it was the nicest wedding I have ever been too.

    The only bad thing I have to say about Nissi Beach is that the service at breakfast was really rubbish. Now I don't mind waiting for things at all (I live in Germany it is normal here) but they were so slow at bringing coffee, by the time you got it or a clean cup your breakfast was either cold or you had finished it. That is my only gripe. It depends on if this kind of thing bothers you or not.

    Our room was pretty basic, but clean. We only went for garden view though as we had already had one big holiday that year and wanted to save. SIL2B had beach bungalow though and it was lovely image
  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    HI I got married at Nissi beach last year!!

    Here is my report with some pics.....

    Email me if you want any more info xxx
  • Hi

    I am getting married at nissi beach june 2010

    there are some beautiful photographs on our photographers website

    if you like to see some

    we were getting married at the sunrise but then changed to nissi beach. We went to see it and have a meeting with marios 4weeks ago and is is amazing. I so excited

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