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I've been thinking about what to do with hair and makeup given that I'm getting married in Mauritius. I don't usually wear much makeup so am not that great at applying it, but I think the hotel I'm staying at (Beau Rivage) has a small beauty salon so I can probably get it done there. I'm just a bit concerned that maybe they won't do a nice, natural look like I want! What is everyone else doing - are you doing your own makeup or getting it done at the hotel?

And how about hair? As I'm going for a more casual beach look with an informal dress, I'm planning on having it quite simple so I'm sure the hotel hairdresser will be fine for me.


  • Hi Kristy,

    I am getting married at The Taj Exotica in Mauritius.

    Have you checked the position out with your wedding co-ordinator at the hotel.

    Mine has been fantastic so I know about all the facilities for hair, make up etc they have.

    I get a hair trial a couple of days before & also make-up.She has recommended I take my own selection -although they have their own over there-I think its an insurance policy just in case you are allergic.

    I have had a few make up trials over here with MAC,Stila,Chanel & am just trying out different things until I am happy-I will take a few options with me though.

    Like you I am keeping my hair simple.

  • KristyukKristyuk Posts: 897

    That's a good idea to find products you like before you go and bring them along. Better to be safe in case something does go wrong, then at least you can do your own! The trial is defniitely a good idea.

    Who did you book with if you don't me asking? We haven't booked it yet (even though we've chosen the hotel and eveyrthing!) as it's not until the end of next year. Thomas Cook Signature seem quite good.
  • bilton001bilton001 Posts: 288

    Ive booked in with a local hairdresser and mobile beautician in Paphos. I joined a forum about weddings in Paphos so got all info I needed on there.

    The hairdresser comes highly recommended and just so happens to be next door to my hotel (and she speaks good english) and the beautician is an ex pat who will come to my hotel room on the day.

    Im having trials with both a couple of days prior to wedding.

    I think Im going to have a hair trial done here though before I go then take loads of pictures to show the paphos hairdresser, dont want to end up with a headmisstress style pleat !! (no offence if thats your thing !!!)


  • Hi Kristy,

    We booked with a company called Seasons in Style

    Have had a few holidays with them before & they are top notch.

    Wasnt sure what we wanted in the beginning but they gave us loads of ideas.

    Mel x
  • tammy1uktammy1uk Posts: 33
    Hi guys

    I am opting for my hair in big glam curls and make up iridiscent and subtle. Instead of foundation and the problem of sweating etc have you tried Elizabeth Arden's range? There is a really good product called 'Let there be light' its a face moisturoiser with SPF 15 and it reflects the light and gives a beautiful appearance to the face. I use it daily and have many good comments! It's not that expensive and available in most big stores Debenhams etc

    I myself am going to go to the big department stores and get some makeovers and take my own products with me. I have bought a Versace eyeshadow so far which is really nice and glittery...
  • burcaffburcaff Posts: 386
    Hi Girls,

    I am getting married in Cuba & am dreading hair & make up hair always goes big and frizzy on holiday, so i think my GHDs will knacker it up even more. I don't wear a lot of makeup normally ( just a bit of bronzer and lancome lip gloss ) great idea about getting trials done & taking pictures...I'll have a go with that!

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